Dymocks: local author signing Fiona Porch


Dymocks: local author signing Fiona Porch

Dymocks, Dymocks Penrith
  • Sat 11th Aug, 11:00am - 12:00pm

From the young age of ten, as Fiona laid there in a hospital bed after one of the biggest surgeries in her young life, she knew then that she wanted to share her life story with the world. It was that very moment where her story truly came to life. Fiona Porch, who was born in Sydney, Australia and is of Maltese background, is passionate about helping others to leap their hurdles and pursue their goals.

"Me, Kniest & Understanding" provides insight into the unique life story of Fiona Porch. It reveals a touching perspective on living with a rare form of dwarfism and embracing life beyond measure. There are less than 200 people worldwide with Kniest Dysplasia, when Fiona was born in 1982 she was the only known case her doctors knew of within Australia.

Come along and meet Fiona as she signs copies of her two books, "Me, Kneist and Understanding" and "Soul Cried".




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