Get back to uni ready


Get back to uni ready

With uni fast approaching, there's a lot you'll be thinking about - what will I wear, what stationery and tech do I need, and what am I going to eat for lunch everyday without spending too much? We've created a small guide to help you get through the first weeks of uni with a breeze.

Wardrobe refresh

Start your uni year in style. We get it, nobody has time to try on 10 outfits in the morning when rushing to uni, so it's nice to have something quick and easy to slip into as soon as you roll out of bed. A wardrobe full of basics is the way to go.

Here's some inspiration:

Tommy Jeans tees and jeans - Glue Store

Essential knits - Glassons

White and denim basics - Cotton On


Every uni student's shoe collection needs a pair of white sneakers. They match with everything and anything! That's why they're an essential.

Here are our picks from Platypus:

Lacoste Straightset - Platypus

adidas Stan Smith - Platypus

White converse - Platypus


When you're carrying a heavy laptop, notebooks, a pencil case, a water bottle, and a lunch box, a backpack is your best bet.

Here are our top picks:

Converse backpack - General Pants Co.

adidas backpack - Glue Store

Stationery, tech, and accessories

Laptops and tablets

Head into JB Hi-Fi for any new devices you may need for uni. A tablet such as a Microsoft Surface could be a good option for you as it can be used a laptop or tablet so it's great for writing or typing up notes. P.S. They sell cases too!

Wireless earphones

Trust us. You need a pair of wireless earphones in your life if you're a uni student. Firstly, listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks saves you from a lot of boredom. Wireless earphones are easy to whip out and put on such as when you're on public transport and they won't fall out when you're running from class to class! We recommend the Apple AirPods, which you can find at JB Hi-Fi.

For those looking for a more traditional approach, check out the audio ranges from Bose and Sony.

Stationery and accessories

In need of new pens, pencils and notebooks? Head to Typo on Level 2 for modern, quirky and high quality stationery. At Typo, you can also find keepcups. Not only are keepcups more sustainable, but you'll find that a few cafes at uni may charge you less if you bring your own cup. For a uni student, every cent saved counts. Typo also sells tech accessories like laptop cases and wireless earphone cases. Pick up an on-trend insulated drink bottle from there too!

What's for lunch?

Buying lunch everyday isn't ideal if you're trying to save money, but living off instant noodles isn't the right alternative. The solution is to meal plan healthy, fresh lunches.

For starters, check out these recipes:

Chicken and avocado burritos: From Closet Cooking

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4

Recipe ingredients
4 burrito sized tortillas (corn tortillas for gluten-free), warmed
1 pound cooked chicken, sliced or shredded
1 large avocado, diced
1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
1/4 cup salsa verde
1/4 cup sour cream or greek yogurt
2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

Assemble the burritos, optionally toast, and enjoy!

Closet Cooking

Turkey taco lunch bowls: From Sweet Peas and Safron

Turkey taco meat – swap the turkey for ground beef, crumbled tofu, or your favorite protein. I used my homemade taco seasoning.
Brown rice
Pico de gallo
Cherry tomatoes

1. Cook brown rice according to package directions, adding the lime zest and salt to the cooking water. Allow to cool slightly before portioning out.
2. Add turkey to a medium pan and cook over medium heat, breaking it up with a spatula until no longer pink (approximately 10 minutes).
3. Sprinkle the taco seasoning over the cooked meat, then add the water. Stir and simmer for a couple of minutes, until sauce has thickened.
4. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before portioning out.
Combine all salsa ingredients and toss together.
5. To assemble lunch bowls, divide ingredients evenly between four 2-cup capacity meal prep containers.

Sweet Peas and Safron

For all your fresh produce needs, visit Country Growers. Find the highest quality poultry and the most delicious meats from Woolworths or Coles.

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