Chefs Gallery

Chefs Gallery is a multi-award winning Chinese dining experience like no other. At Chefs Gallery we meticulously combine art and artistry. Here the artistry of modern Chinese cuisine and contemporary Chinese art combine to indulge diners with a mouth-watering, multi-sensory Chinese experience. From the mesmerising theatre of hand-made noodles being pulled and stretched behind the glass walled kitchen, to each artfully created dish from the sumptuous menu – the experience is unique. These gourmet masterpieces draw their culinary influences from across China and are served to you in an environment of changing displays of thought provoking Chinese artwork. This synergy is designed to transport, inspire and create a true gallery of exceptional experiences to stimulate and nourish all your senses.

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Located on the Argyle Street restaurant precinct

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Level 2 (Orange), Campbell Street Car Park