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Sephora: Suncare essentials we can’t live without

2022 is the year of suncare. We are talking year round head-to-toe love - from skincare, to hair care and everything in between. It’s a suncare party, and everyone’s invited. Stay glowing, sun-kissed and well-protected all year round with our specially-curated lineup of suncare essentials.

Gone are the days of thick, white-casting, pore-clogging, sticky, makeup-ruining sunscreens. It’s time SPF really becomes your BFF. You heard it here first. SPF is the key to preventing those fine lines and most importantly protecting your skin from our harsh sun, daily. Yes, not just your trip to the beach, not just in summer and not just when the sun is shining, but all year round. And when they are as good as this, there’s no doubt they will seamlessly fit into your daily skincare routine.

SPF meets make- up
When it comes to a match made in heaven, SPF-meets-makeup is our favourite kind of love story. Lightweight, dewy and protective, what more could you want? The best part is you can re-apply these skin tints during the day for a hassle free sun protection top up. But don’t forget to apply your regular SPF underneath your makeup as well. In this case, less is not more.

Self - tanning VIPs
The brief? A sunsafe year-round glow that looks like you’ve been on a never-ending summer vacay. A self-tan is the only sun tan we are going to be rocking this year and we know our skin will be eternally grateful. When it comes to getting on your faux glow, the options are endless but lately we’ve been reaching for an easy to apply natural-looking gradual tan.

The after sun edit
Soothing. Calming. Restoring. We’ve all had our fair share of suncare slip ups so when it comes to giving your skin the love it deserves, healing and hydration are top of the list. Our go to’s? A calming gel mask and hydrating serum.

Body bliss
It’s about time we gave our skin all over some TLC. After all, our face gets a full pamper party so the least we can do is give our body some regular love. Depending on the reason and the season, having a lightweight body oil and thick body butter has all our bases covered.

Hair hydration
Year round hydration is essential for keeping the locks feeling lush and looking lovely. Avoiding hair breakage and building strength are two of our 2022 beauty goals, so we are adding a trusty treatment mask to our weekly routine. Not to mention adding a stunning hair oil for added silkiness and shine.

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