The story behind 'Cakes Under Pressure'


The story behind 'Cakes Under Pressure'

We asked Jayde Onyekwe, owner of Cakes Under Pressure, to share the story behind her brand with us.

"For as long as I can remember I was obsessed with cupcakes. Starting from as young as 6, I was always the little baking assistant to many of my mums’ friends. My only skill at that age was licking the icing bowl clean. Growing up, my passion grew stronger for cupcakes. Always baking after school, before school and taking cooking classes at school.

While baking cupcakes remained a passionate hobby for me, after finishing school, I decided to do a Bachelor of Arts at 19. While studying, I got my first work experience job on X Factor Australia, and then my first paid job on The Voice AU. Catering to friends’ birthdays in between and beginning to notice a gap in the market, I continued to work on the Voice for 7 years and on many other shows such as: Married at first sight, The Bachelor, Australia’s Next Top Model, The Face, I then moved into PA work for Boy George.

While making cupcakes on the side and drawing inspiration from the creativity surrounding me in the entertainment industry, I started to notice a demand at catered parties, people wanting certain cakes, different icings, multiple toppings and this sparked an idea. While building this idea, I moved into Publicity, working on multiple festivals and with huge international musicians. Being in the entertainment industry for most of my working life, made me very comfortable with long working hours and being ‘Under Pressure’.

While having so much fun, the DIY Cupcake idea remained in the back of my mind, every day, for years, I then decided I wanted to turn my vision into a reality.

Cakes Under Pressure was born!

A “DIY” style cupcake bar, with endless topping options, American style spreads for fillings and lots of different icings to choose from.
Beginning at Miranda, Westfield 7 days a week during the Christmas period in 2018, then moving into the first 6 months of 2019 with 2 days a week, moving to 4 days a week towards the end of the year and starting 2020 in a bigger space, with cupcakes, donuts, waffles and many more desserts to come, my vision and dream exceeded all of my expectations.

None of which would have been possible without my hero, my mum. Working just as hard, having my back no matter what, lifting me up whenever needed, and never doubting me."

You'll find Cakes Under Pressure located on Leve 1, near Woolworths.

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