20 stores that are leading the way to a sustainable future


20 stores that are leading the way to a sustainable future

Ask why, before you buy. You're able to do your part for the environment simply by understanding the different ways that your favourite stores are doing their part to help our planet.

We have put together a list of stores within Westfield Miranda that are doing their bit so that you can choose well and make your purchase last.


Bring in the clothes that you no longer wear and put them in the containers at the store to be donated to Red Cross Australia. They are separated and classified to ensure that they get sent to the most sustainable destination. Some clothing items are even transformed into new fabrics after being recycled! Find out more about Zara's sustainability program.


"By designing, making and selling good clothing, we can make the world a better place". Uniqlo work with its partner factories to purify and reuse wastewater. They also are aiming to reduce single-plastic globally by 85% by the end of 2020. Purchase their reusable Eco bags which you can buy in store or online!

You can donate your clothes at Uniqlo as well! Simply make sure you have washed your clothes prior to donating, deliver them in their best condition and make sure your personal belongings are not with the donations.

M.A.C Cosmetics

Keep a hold of your empty primary M.A.C containers and when you reach six, return them to the M.A.C store and you can select a free lipstick in return. This initiative avoids packaging waste and is a great recycling initiative.


Sheridan are obsessed with sustainability and believe that you should be too! Wth over 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles sent to landfill each year, Sheridan are making it simple to return, recycle and renew. Leading the way as Australia’s first homewares brand to offer a solution to textile waste, Sheridan runs a recycling program through their stores.

Simply donate any branded old quilt covers, sheets and towels to their store and receive 10% off your next purchase over $100. Find out more about how you can recycle with Sheridan here.


LUSH's signature bath bombs, bubble bars, massage bars and hair dying hennas are formulated with little to no water which is replaced with ingredients such as salt, honey and olive oil making them self- preserving. This means that there are less synthetic preservatives that are washed into our waterways, further saving pollution. They also have a huge seleciton of products to choose from that are also vegan.

Plastic takes centuries to break down in landfill or ocean so it is important that recyclable plastics are recycled to conserve energy and reduce landfill. LUSH's reusable black recyclable plastic pots and bottles are made with 100% post- consumer recycled plastic. If you bring in 5 that are empty and clean, they will give you a fresh face mask in return. LUSH sends these pots to Terracycle, a company that turns the plastic into new products such as playgrounds and even roads.

Their knot wraps and gift wrapping are sourced ethically and are make from sustainable cotton or even recycled plastic bottles.
Find out more about the ways they are cutting down on plastic.


Purchase an item of clothing from Bonds and walk away with their 100% recyclable from materials bag which can easily be re purposed. Bonds are constantly on the lookout for ways to push their products to the next level by finding new solutions such as recycling fabrics. Find out more about their mission to "make it good in our hood (& beyond)".

The Body Shop

The Body Shop have campaigned for a cruelty-free beauty industry since 1989, working towards a worldwide ban on animal tested cosmetics. In 1987, they launched their Community Fair Trade program, harnessing the skills of small-scale farmers, traditional artisans and rural co-operatives. The program ensures their products are sourced sustainably, whilst also providing stable income for marginalised communities across the globe.

They believe in taking a responsible approach to help clean-up and protect our planet by collecting used plastic and re-using it. All collected plastic gets transported back to Europe to be recycled back into their bottles. They also partner with TerraCycle®, who collects The Body Shop empty packaging and turns it into into raw materials that can be recycled into new products or repurposed into new items like watering cans and children’s playgrounds.

Country Road

Country road reduce waste across the business and are helping their customers to do the same. They have sold over 3400 reusable bags as an alternate to take home packaging which raise funds for Redkite in Australia and the Red Cross in New Zealand. Find out more about what they do to be a leader in sustainability.


Do you know how much water you are using when you simply buy a pair of jeans? One pair of jeans uses 2,700L of water throughout its life cycle from cotton sourcing to denim production and then when it's in your hands there is the customer care and washing processes.

Guess are addressing this issue by using water efficient technology, reducing chemical usage and communicating with customers about how they can use water efficiently. Guess are also committed to measuring their carbon footprint. Find out more about how they are working their way up to a more sustainable future.


2019 was a year of setting and achieving goals at Kathmandu. In 2019 they:

  • became a certified B corp meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance
  • scored an A in the ethical fashion report two years running
  • launched their new 'best for the world' five- year sustainability plan
  • recycled 9.3 million plastic bottles into their gear

They have also released a Youtube series called 'helpful or harmful' which sheds light on the harmful effects of tourism.


Tigerlily started developing recycled swimwear over 5 years ago! These products use a base cloth featuring ECONYL regenerated polymide fibre which cut fossil fuel use and reduces carbon emissions.

In the past 6 months they have reduced their reliance on air freight by 41%!
Check out their steps to a greener future.

Lorna Jane

There is no planet B!
Lorna Jane's sustainability stance is that it is not a luxury but our future.
They have taken steps to reduce the waste they have, particularly in their padded bras. When purchasing a padded bra, nearly 70% of people throw this padding out. You are now able to choose whether or not you want it before walking out of the store. Simply ask for the extra padding and you will receive it for free.


The better cotton initiative sees that millions of farmers are taught smarter and more sustainable farming practices. It follows the environmental practices of being able to use water efficiently, conserving natural habitats, protecting crops etc. Their slogan ‘do good feel good ‘ expresses their commitments to making conscious choices when you are shopping.


Nike are moving towards a zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. Their ‘Move to Zero’ campaign sees that they are working towards making sure that there is a healthy planet for everyone.


Founded by Mirabai Winford, Purebaby is an Australian owned company that creates fashion-forward, environmentally conscious natural, organic clothing for babies and children.

Mirabai conceptualised the company during her own pregnancy when she discovered that the childrenswear market - despite overflowing with options – wasn’t offering stylish, beautifully designed organic clothing that was kind to the environment and its little inhabitants.

Mirabai’s designs are worn and loved by the most stylish little ones all over the world, and the Purebaby brand has become a pioneer in the organic and childrenswear markets, as well as the fashion market; in addition to being functional, each design is meticulously created to remain one step ahead of the industry trends.


L'Occitane produce their products in packaging that is made with recycled materials or resources which are renewable. They strive to minimise their carbon footprint by limiting the use of air transport, sourcing locally, and using organic ingredients to ensure they are limiting their environmental impact.

Thrills. co

Thrills co.'s philosophy is to “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” wherever possible. This philosophy starts from their office and warehouse and extends to their homes. They are continually searching for more sustainable fabrics such as hmp, organic cotton, rami, linen and recycled fabrics where possible. Hemp for example is a rapidly grown plant which requires no synthetic pesticides or insecticides and after harvest it’s offcuts naturally fertilize and regenerate the soil. Their more sustainable fabrics are not only better for the environment but are also stronger, more textured and premium than standard cotton.


Highlighted this month is a sustainable capsule for women, featuring on- trend accessories crafted from recycled cotton and vegan leather.

Mamjo Mr & Mrs Jones

Mr & Mrs. Jones hold a high standard of selling sustainable, reusable items such as thoughtful cups, reusable, biodegradable drinkware bottles, straws, coffee cups, bamboo lunchtime boxes, recyclable, washable paper range of lunch bags, organisers, laptop cases and coffee cups, which are all designed in Australia.


Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), Cue is the largest manufacturer of fashion in Australia.

Their brands include Cue and Veronika Maine.

Being accredited with ECA ensures that the Australian workers involved in making their designs receive a living wage and fair working conditions. They’re justifiably proud of their work record, and it shows in the high quality of everything they make and the dedication of their entire team.

Certain collections in the company’s range are produced by their trusted and independently audited manufacturing partners overseas. This production stream allows them to remain competitive in the Australian market, while not compromising on quality control and company values. Their overseas partners work closely with their design team to ensure the tailored precision of Cue garments remains across the entire range. All styles are designed in our Sydney studio by their expert designers, patternmakers and machinists to ensure a cohesion of quality in every Cue style. Their customers can be confident in the garments they buy, knowing that their dedication to the Australian manufacturing industry will always remain at the forefront of Cue design.

Recycle your coffee capsules with Nespresso

Bringing things back around full circle. Nespresso’s coffee is sustainably sourced from local farmers around the globe, and the high-quality taste is kept fresh in aluminium packaging. These aluminium capsules don’t only protect the taste and quality of your morning cuppa’, they are also infinitely recyclable. Head in store on level 5 to give your capsules a new life.

Find out more about the program, and how you can get involved.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone will save it so step up and be more conscious of how you shop!

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