DIY Halloween kids' costume: balloon grapes


DIY Halloween kids' costume: balloon grapes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it's the simplest ideas that are often the most terrifyingly effective. This adorable grape costume packs a little less fright, but makes up for it with its high cute factor.

Even the least-crafty parents can pull this one off – it looks super impressive, but is a cinch to make, provided the odd balloon pop doesn't frighten you or the little ones too much. But if your child is afraid of the sound of balloons popping, this one may not be for them. To try to reduce the inevitable popping, buy good quality safety pins to ensure that they all stay shut for the duration of the celebration.


  • A long-sleeved t-shirt
  • 40 purple balloons (give or take, depending on the size of your child)
  • 40 safety pins
  • A fabric leaf (we cut up a fake ivy garland)
  • A hair clip or elastic


  1. Blow up five balloons until they are halfway inflated and tie them off. Now carefully safety pin them to the t-shirt (as pictured below), one by one.

  2. Repeat until your t-shirt is completely covered – we used about 40 balloons all up.
    Now attach your artificial leaf to a hair clip or elastic and your costume is complete.
  3. Double check all the safety pins are fastened before you put it on your child!


The smaller you blow up the balloons, the more effective the costume will look, especially if your child is young.

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