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Whether you’re looking to organise your workday, explore mindfulness or set your goals, you’ll love joining the fun and enjoying the benefits a kiki.K workshop can bring.To help you choose the right one for you, here are a few of our upcoming workshops and contact the store to book.

Workshop dates listed below, all start at 6:15pm:

  • 4/2 – Organisation Workshop
  • 18/2 – Happiness Workshop
  • 4/3 – Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share Wokshop
  • 18/3 – Goals Workshop
  • 1/4 – Dreaming workshop (part 1)
  • 15/4 – Mindfulness workshop
  • 29/4 – Dreaming workshop (part 2)
  • 13/5 – Planner workshop
  • 27/5 – Dreaming workshop (part 3)
  • 24/6 – Own Your Story workshop

Please notes dates, times and costs can vary. Bookings are essential. Contact Kikki.K Kotara to book your place.

Information about each workshop:

kikki.K Organisation Workshop

Being organised is about more than finding things quickly. It's about the sense of well being and productivity that comes from having more time for the enjoyable things. Take the first step to freedom from clutter:

Learn how to overcome common challenges
Discover simple tips to help you stay in control
Leave feeling inspired to take on the challenge

kikki.K Happiness Workshop

Explore what happiness means to you
Learn how to celebrate the little things
Plan to welcome more happiness in
Join us in store for an intimate 90 minute workshop with up to ten participants. All attendees enjoy a complimentary copy of our much-loved Happiness Journal. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now! Please note: Times and dates are subject to change.

kikki.K Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share Wokshop

Discover the power of living with intention
Explore your dreams and set goals to turn them into reality
Recognise talents and strengths and how to use them to help others
Create an inspiring morning routine to set yourself up for success
Celebrate the little things to boost productivity and creativity
Learn how to take action to live your best life every day
All attendees enjoy a complimentary Inspiration Box.

kikki.K Goals Workshop

Explore what your Dream Life looks like and how to get there
Learn how to set goals and the first simple steps to achieve them
Make a plan to keep track of your goals throughout the year
All attendees enjoy a complimentary copy of our much-loved Goals Journal. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!

kikki.K Dreaming workshop (Part 1)

Dreaming is something anyone can do anytime, anywhere. It’s free and the process can be learnt – and it really is a process, or a practice. The more you do it, the better you become. In this inspiring workshop, learn about the power of dreaming, explore what a dream life for you would look like, and get started on some of the simple ways you can start making your wishes dreams and dreams a reality. Participants receive a complimentary Dream Life Journal.

kikki.K Dreaming workshop (Part 2)

In this eye opening workshop you will have the opportunity to choose what dream is the most important for you to work on first, and what dreams can wait a little or wait indefinitely. Remember, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything at once. So, what are the dreams that, deep down, feel most meaningful for you to make a start on?

kikki.K Dreaming workshop (Part 3)

Dreaming is wonderful, but it will only take you so far. You have to actually do the work to make your dreams a reality. We call it moving from Dreaming to Doing. And this is what we will be focusing on in this last workshop – a simple process Kristina uses that will help you get started quickly on building your dream life. We’re going to take your three prioritised dreams that you will identify in the previous workshops and show you how to turn each of these into seven clear and specific key actions to get you focused and moving forward on the most critical things you need to do.

kikki.K Mindfullness Workshop

Understand what mindfulness is and how you can benefit from it
Learn practical ways and techniques to help you live more mindfully
Be inspired to embark on your own 12 month mindfulness project
All attendees enjoy a complimentary copy of our Mindfulness Journal. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!

kikki.K Planner Workshop

Tailor and categorise a Planner or Diary to suit your needs
Creatively customise a Planner or Diary to make it unique
Better manage your time & tasks with our helpful tips
All attendees enjoy a bonus gift. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!

kikki.K Own Your Story Workshop
Owning your story is about living a life of connection. When we're not afraid to show up and be ourselves, we open ourselves up to amazing things. This workshop is about exploring who you are, and learning how to love yourself so that you can own your story, instead of letting it own you. It's a step towards self-love, self-acceptance and the courage the live life on your terms. Participants will receive a complimentary Own Your Story Book.