Why our fresh food offering can't be beaten


Why our fresh food offering can't be beaten

Ask any professional chef the secret to good food and they’ll say quality produce nine times out of 10. And when you’re cooking with what’s in season, you don’t have to do much in the kitchen to get the best out of ingredients! Here are four reasons why our fresh food at Westfield Hornsby can’t be beaten.

There’s plenty of seasonal produce to inspire

Cooking with what’s in season will not only ensure best flavour, it’s also a great way to inspire new dishes in your home kitchen. For example, expand your perception of fruit as merely a snack or dessert-only ingredient. Fruit can be a beautiful accompaniment to a good piece of meat. Cherries and duck, orange and chicken, and blackberries and steak are all popular pairings for a reason. Check out FreshCorp for a wide selection of seasonal fruit to inspire your next meal, and if you’re after organic, shop the range of fresh produce at Rawesome.

Find those niche ingredients on your shopping list

If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll need a specialist supermarket for those hard-to-find ingredients. Tong Li Supermarket has a large range of grocery options from Japan, Korea and China that you can’t find just anywhere.

Don’t forget to match your drinks

A poorly selected drink pairing can spoil a good meal. Chardonnay enhances shellfish, chicken and pork, while a Pinot Grigio is a better choice when you’re serving a full-flavoured fish, such as salmon or trout. Duck and lamb call for a robust red wine; or if you’re a beer drinker, pair a pale ale with spicy or fried foods. There is an art to food and drink pairings, so when in doubt, chat to the team at Dan Murphy's (https://www.westfield.com.au/hornsby/store/4uU7ov1cNOeCii6aIUQGio/dan-murphys and Liquorland.

Quality protein makes a meal

Protein is often the hero of any meal, so invest in a top-quality cut. At Joe's Meat Market, the meats are restaurant quality, grass-fed, hormone-free and ethically sourced. It doesn’t get much better!

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