Taste adventures: four cuisines you need to try


Taste adventures: four cuisines you need to try

We all have our go-to cuisines that we tend to look for when it's time to choosing where to go for dinner, but it's time to change that. There are too many different flavours and dishes to try from all different cuisines from around the world to just stick to the few you know. Here are five cuisines to add to your list to try if you haven’t already.


Korean food is largely based around rice, vegetables and meat, which is why this cuisine is home to some of the healthiest foods in the world. The main meals are usually based on numerous shared side dishes known as banchan. Many spices and sauces that you may find in Korean food include sesame seeds and oil, chilli pepper paste and flakes, garlic and ginger. Popular meals include kimchi (a spicy and sour dish made up of fermented vegetables), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) and japchae (stir-fried noodles).

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Malaysian food is heavily influenced by Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian cuisine, so there is always a large range of dishes to choose from. Common ingredients you'll find include lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallots, galangal, pandanus, turmeric and chilli (generally making dishes spicy). Popular dishes include laksa (spicy noodle soup), ayam percik (chicken with percik sauce) and mee goreng mamak (yellow noodles with beef or chicken). With beautiful aromas and vibrant colours, you will struggle to decide what meal to order!

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Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern cuisine is full of flavour, colourful and very nutritious. Small dishes (known as mezes) tend to make up the main dish and are served with salads, dips and breads. Common ingredients include eggplant, tomatoes, potato, pomegranates, lemon, cheese, herbs and honey. And you will struggle to leave any Middle Eastern restaurant without first having either tzatziki, hummus or a herby yogurt dressing. Middle Eastern cuisine is great for sharing and you will no doubt leave with a full belly.

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Vietnamese is typically made up of light, fragrant and fresh food, including ingredients such as basil, lime, bean sprouts and chillies. Popular dishes include pho (rice noodle soup, made with beef or chicken), rice paper rolls and ca kho to (caramelised fish). Food is all served at once and is typically shared between one another and includes things such as soup, rice and grilled or steamed meats.

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