LUSH Christmas 2018 is here


LUSH Christmas 2018 is here

Explore a few of our favourites from LUSH's new Christmas collection. From the most relaxing bath bombs to refreshing face cleansers, you will not be disappointed!


The World’s Smallest Disco
Bath bomb
We all like a good party, whether it’s boogieing at a bar, shaking what your mama gave ya in a club or dad dancing at
a wedding. For when you want to celebrate but don’t fancy socialising, put on your favourite tunes, forget about throwing shapes and toss this bath bomb into a hot bath instead

Snowman bomb bomb
Bath bomb
It’s no secret, Santa is on his way and is headed straight for the bath. Head, bottom or whole thing in? The choice is yours but no matter what you choose, this moreish strawberries and cream fragrance will set your dreams alight.

Santa bomb bomb
Bath bomb
Bathing in a winter wonderland is double the fun with a bath bomb so refreshingly good, it was named twice. Hand rolled with refreshing spearmint oil, stack ‘em both up and roll ‘em into the water.

Cheery Christmas
Bath bomb
Pop this bundle of joy in the bath and allow the intricate pattern to take shape before your eyes. Lay back, feel relaxed and enjoy the festive season as blackcurrant-scented buchu oil spreads the cheer.


Magic Wand
Reusable bubble bar
If you’re dreaming of a pink, candy scented bath, your wishes are about to come true! Envelop yourself in sweet smelling bubbles and drift off to the land of snow fairies.

Plum Pudding
Bath melt
When you get back from late night shopping and you’re plum out of energy, get in the bath with this skin softening melt. The proof is in the pudding and with ingredients to soften and soothe you’re in for more than just a sweet treat!

Body and shower

Gingerbread Man
Sparkle jar
Yes, I know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane? Well, when you’re feeling in need of an extra festive treat, poke holes into this Gingerbread Man’s buttons and dust yourself all over to leave skin feeling silky and smooth. After the dusting powder is all used up, the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter pot can be massaged in, to moisturise and soften while clove bud and ginger oils keep you feeling warm, cosy and smelling of Christmas baking.

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