This season's top homewares trends (and how to get them right!)


This season's top homewares trends (and how to get them right!)

The change in season is the perfect time to turn your attention indoors and redecorate. A fresh colour palette and a few new additions will instantly revitalise your interior and make it a cosy space you actually want to spend time in during the cooler months.

Look to the latest home trends to guide your makeover, but beware – this season there’s a lean towards rich and opulent pieces, which can easily look overdone, especially in a sun-drenched Queensland home. The key is balance and restraint.

Here are the latest homeware trends, and our top tips for getting them right.

Sage green tones

The risk: Looking too dark and dreary

It’s easy to get carried away with richer, wintry colours when the temperature drops, but the last thing you want to do is darken a space and bring down the mood. Sage is a beautiful, naturally soothing colour, but if you overcommit to it, your interior can feel more like a dark cave than a tranquil sanctuary. ‘Sage green’ has been interpreted into two distinct hues this season - one lighter and one darker, but both cool-toned, which means they need to be brightened up with warm accents and textures. Woods, metallics and blush pink will make this colour sing. Also, layer dark sage with light sage for the ultimate homely vibe.

Pictured: Kmart Green glass vase, Target Super soft blanket: sage

Velvet textures

The risk: Going OTT

By nature, velvet’s soft, plush texture will look right at home in the cooler months, but it’s a trend that can quickly go from snug sophistication to tawdry. Moderation is key. If you’re opting for a luxurious velvet quilt cover, complement it with a selection of muted cushions in a linen fabric for a raw textural element. But if you’re dressing up your couch with velvet cushions, try a mix of two to three different colours for a striking, multidimensional look. Since cushions are on a much smaller scale to the rest of your living room furniture, you have the flexibility to make a bolder statement.

Pictured: Kmart Adele velvet cushion: silver, Target Velvet ottoman: raisin, Target Mara ribbed velvet cushion: musk

Fur finishes

The risk: Turning your home into a set from Game of Thrones

Let’s be honest, lush faux fur and heavy textures just don’t look right in our Queenslander homes. They’re unnecessary during our mild winters and don’t go with all that wood, natural sunlight and greenery, right? Well, it can work (in fact, very well), you just need to be smart with your style choices. A faux-fur rug thrown over the end of a crisp white quilt cover offers contrast, while pastel-toned pillows will work to soften and brighten the look as a whole. Fluffy cushions in non-animalistic prints bring the cosy without the GOT vibes, and a fur ottoman is the perfect way to transition your living room from summer to winter, without taking things too far. Above all, stick to lighter colours to keep the mood fresh.

Pictured: Target Elodie faux fur cushion,
Kmart Eva faux fur throw: brown, Kmart Eva faux fur cushion

Coloured glass accents

The risk: Looking like a dust-covered op shop

You’d be forgiven for putting coloured glassware in the eclectic category, but if you know what you’re doing, it will be one of the best design decisions you make all season. A collection of coloured glass in a tonal palette will give your interior a much-needed pop of colour, especially when the sunlight filters through and it casts a rainbow of light around the room. Opt for unique shapes and sizes to create intrigue.

Pictured: Dusk Alani scarlet mood reed bottle, Kmart Vase on a stand, Target Pink cut glass jar

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