Behind the Counter: Revamp Espresso Bar


Behind the Counter: Revamp Espresso Bar

Meet Revamp Espresso Bar

Step behind the counter and meet the face behind Revamp Espresso Bar, Alyce, at Westfield Garden City.

How did Revamp Espresso Bar start?

Revamp is a family owned business, with myself (Alyce), my husband and four kids. We started in the coffee industry about 10 years ago, however decided to branch off and start our own independent cafe. We opened the first Revamp in Moorooka about 6 months ago and since its success decided to open our second here at Westfield Garden City!

What is a unique item on your menu?

We have our own personalised chef, that will do whatever you want! We do have a set menu however we'll branch off to whatever your heart desires.

A menu item that I haven't seen anywhere else, is our caramelised fig, Persian fetta, quinoa with kale dish, topped with a date glaze and roasted hazelnuts.

What is the weirdest coffee order you've ever received?

The weirdest coffee order I've ever received, was a banana and strawberry smoothie with 5 shots of coffee added to it! They wanted to go healthy but crazy at the same time.

Visit Revamp Espresso: Located on Level 2, near the food court. See on map.

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