The best Mother's Day gifts for every kind of mum


The best Mother's Day gifts for every kind of mum

Mums are the best. They've always got your back, and no matter what age you are, you know they'll always be on hand for a solid pep talk and a life affirming cup of tea. And nothing - absolutely, nothing - beats their home-cooked dinner (no matter how many times you try to perfect the family recipe. Give up. It just won't happen).

There's a lot our mums deserve thanks for, and while we shouldn't wait until Mother's Day to do so, it's a pretty good reminder to surprise her with brunch, a handwritten card and a nice present.

We went shopping for the absolute best Mother's Day gifts for 2020 and here are our favourites. We bet that the mother in your life fits into more than a few of these starter categories, so we suggest you read them all!

The creative type

This lovely lady can be found with her hair in a messy bun, wearing overalls and drinking coffee out of multi-coloured keep cup. She loves bright prints and graphic magazines, international music and Pinterest. And, yes, she is a dream to shop for… if you know where to look.

Head to Fountain Gate Lotto Dreams and grab her a copy of Lunch Lady Magazine. It's bright, fun and all about doing things a little differently. Think recipes, craft and parenting pieces. There is so much to love!

We have never met a creative who didn't love Polaroid cameras. You will find a great selection of instant options at JB Hi-Fi as well as a range of film and albums to display them in.

The relaxation queen

Bookshelves, scented candles and ugg boots. Sound familiar? Help her head into the colder season in comfort by focusing on the senses: soft fabrics, scented candles, chocolate and throw rugs.

Yes, we already mentioned ugg boots, but we're going to mention them again as you may want to consider treating her with a fresh pair. You could also go with some luxe slippers from Target. Either way, her feet will thank you.

And obviously, PJ’s are always a winner here. If she likes to keep it cosy at home, we suggest opting for a pair that double as day-wear. Because, why not? Time to head to Kmart.

Anyone who likes to relax at home probably wants it to feel like a sanctuary. Scented candles or diffusers from Karma Living will give the house that ‘hotel’ feel.

The foodie

Foodies are all about spoiling the people they love with tasty treats, so everyone wins here. Plus, they are also a breeze to buy for. From cookbooks to serving platters, specialty ingredients to gadgets – we'll help you spoil her right back!

Check out the new release cookbooks at Robinsons Bookshop and choose a title that inspires her entertaining side. From whacky bakers to a classic Italian cookbook, there is so much to choose from.

Now for the gadgets; there are so many things that a home chef dreams of. It could be as simple as a set of knives or as extravagant as a Kitchen stand mixer. Either way, go crazy at Kmart and make her day.

So many home cooks make do with tired utensils, but there's no need. A basket full of fresh tea towels, wooden spoons, measuring cups and quirky kitchen saviours (hello fancy ice cream scoop!) is an easy and affordable option if you head into Kmart. We recommend choosing a colour theme and picking accordingly. And be sure to wrap it all up with a huge bow!

The fashion lover

If threads are the way to your mum's heart, then it's the perfect time to go on a shopping spree. She may be a fan of fresh sneakers, love a spot of sequins or have a penchant for a handbag or three – either way, you shouldn't have any issues delivering!

You can't beat new shoes, and so long as you do a bit of homework, it's hard to get the size wrong. Help your mum head into Autumn with some fresh sneakers from Kmart - because there are very few people who don't love new-shoe-day!

Harris Scarfe range of handbags is a great place to explore if your mum is into fashion. From clutches to satchels, you will find something beautiful and functional to surprise her with on the day.

Most importantly, the card should never be an afterthought. The words you write her are always her favourite part! So don't forget to get a bit sentimental while you're at it.

Over to you. Here's to finding the perfect gift mums everywhere.


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