The ultimate Christmas gift guide: Mini me edition


The ultimate Christmas gift guide: Mini me edition

Giving the perfect gift seems to become extra challenging when the age of the receiver goes down several years... but, we're here to help! We have crafted the ultimate Christmas gift guide for all the little ones in your life, whether you're on the hunt for your new baby nephew, niece or tween cousin!

For the baby

This one’s easy! If it’s cute, you’ve nailed the brief. And trust us, there’s so much cute out there, from soft plush toys to baby-animal homewares, such as this Koala pillow from Adairs, through to adorably in theme newborn onesies and reindeer bibs from Seed Heritage.

Product list: Reindeer pocket onsie, Bear tee, Reindeer bib, Jellycat toy, Magic Bunny book from Seed Heritage, Koala pillow, St Tropez mint throw from Adairs and Gingerbread Toy from Myer

For the little ones

Because Christmas is the most magical time of year for our little ones, it’s easy to spoil them with an endless stream of tiny coloured blocks and noisy toys… but never underestimate those more practical gifts ideas that will have Mum and Dad grinning from ear to ear.

Try a matching drink bottle and lunch box set that is oh so cute (and practical) for their first day of school, or even a pair of hardy sandals, such as these from Seed Heritage. A fun beach towel from Adairs is also the perfect gift for Summer and will never go out of style. Be sure to include a few smaller bits and pieces like these glitter eyeshadows, note pads or glitter hair spray from Seed Heritage to amp up the fun factor and you’ve got yourself the perfect Christmas gift that won’t break the bank!

Product list: Spliced Animal dress, Gladiator sandals, Glitter squad spray, Glitter kit from Seed Heritage, Sunnylife sunnies, Sunnylife table tennis, Unicorn snowglobe and Sunnylife camera from Mr & Mrs Jones, Notepad, Adhesive notes, Pom pom pen and mini highlighters from kikki.K

Product list: Jersey tee, Classic short, Initial cap, Double buckle slide, Spy kit, Glitter galaxy putter, Dinosaur figure from Seed Heritage, First mate beach towl from Adairs, Lunch box and SunnyKids drink bottle from Mr & Mrs Jones

For the Teen Girl

Teen girls can be notoriously hard to buy for. Not only are they super picky but their wish list is often all about the newest and coolest. To help you nail the brief, we have done the research and pulled together the ultimate list of gifts that should bring a smile, whether she is into sports, outdoors or beauty.

Let’s start with the perfect gift for every teen, a new set of summer pyjamas from Peter Alexander. If she's into sport, what’s not to love about sneakers from Nike or a visor from Lorna Jane to tackle the summer rays. Plus, you will get some extra gratitude from her parents for being so sun smart! Perhaps she’s a bit of a beach bum? Cotton On Body have you sorted with a wide range of bikinis, which you can pair with a crisp beach towel such as the one below from Adairs. Take a different appraoch and get them prepared for the new school year with a diary and pen from kikki.K, or last but not least, what teen doesn’t love a new phone case or makeup accessories?

Product list: Pyjamas, Glasshouse Candle from Peter Alexander, Leather/Croc textured belt bag, Rose gold paper clips, Metal rollerball pen from kikki.K, Nike sneakers from Nike, Ventilation visor from Lorna Jane, Sunrise stripe beach towel from Adairs, Knot front bikini top from Cotton On Body, true:essentials bath bombs from Myer, Apple phonecase from Dr Boom, Rose gold candle care kit from Dusk, How to wear makeup book from Dymocks

For the Teen Boy

You think this one is hard but don’t be fooled, as long as you know what he’s broadly into, finding the perfect gift he’ll love is easy. Let’s start with the tech lovers, whether he's into gaming or simply loves listening to tunes you can’t go wrong with ear buds or Smart Phone Karaoke from Mr & Mrs Jones.

If he's into his sports brands, spoil him with a fresh pair of shoes or a t-shirt from Nike. Or perhaps gift him with some cool and quirky games to play with his mates over the Summer, such as the Tumbling Tower from Seed Heritage or Finger Weightlifting games from Mr & Mrs Jones. If you’re really stuck, get him prepared for his next holiday or school camp with this Polaroid Backpack or Toiletries Bag from Cotton On.

Product list: Nike air force shoes, Nike tee from Nike, Transit licensed backpack, Toiletry bag from Cotton On, Pug bookends, Finger weightlifting, Thumb wrestling, Smartphone Karaoke from Mr & Mrs Jones, Classic Tumbling tower from Seed Heritage and Wireless sportsbuds from Dr Boom

Hopefully we have provided you with all the tools to pick the perfect present at Westfield Fountain Gate for all those mini me's in your life!

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