Colours of the season


Colours of the season

There is something about springtime that brings “new life” to most of us. The sun is out, birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the air just smells good.

It represents a time for rejuvenation and recharge, which is exactly why us stylists are heading into the busiest season of the year.

Given spring has officially sprung its time to pack away the deep dark colours of winter and start to lighten, lift and add colour to our wardrobes to match our mood, and of course the weather.

For the past few years I’ve kept my personal wardrobe pretty neutral, but this year im finally excited about wearing colour simply because there are so many stunning options out there right now.

Whether you like to keep your palate quite soft and subtle, maybe pop a bright piece here or there, or even like to go all out in head to toe colour on colour for impact, the good news is there will be a little something for everyone this season.

So ladies, it’s officially time to bloom! Below are just a few tips and tricks, plus a few of my favorite picks this season!


A favorite front-runner for all my ladies out there that prefer a softer, more neutral colour palate.

Khaki might just be your new best friend this season, as it will tie perfectly back with all your denim, navy, whites, even blush pinks and for something a little more daring don’t be afraid to pop it with orange.

Style Tip: Remember your wardrobe should work hard, so when considering a purchase ask yourself “How can I dress it up and down?”


This is one of the more controversial colours as I find people either love it or hate it.

However, if you like things bright and energetic then jump on board and try it out this season.

Orange can be very uplifting, even if it’s injected in to a print so its not so overpowering and ties back beautifully if you wear a warmer palate

Style Tip: Pair your bights with light neutrals to soften the overall look


Ok, its chic, fresh and literally breathes new life in to your wardrobe, but I hear you “I’m not good with white” “I have kids” “Ill ruin it in the first 5 minutes” lol.

The look of pure terror is quite often the first reaction I get when showing white items to clients, so unfortunately this “white on white” trend wont be for everyone. However, for those who can…… enjoy! This shorts suit from Witchery is pure outfit perfection for me!

Style Tip: For those who aren’t confident in keeping whites white, try injecting it in smaller doses like accessories, leather or pleather shoes that are easy to wipe down, or even add a simple white cami to your wardrobe.

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know im all about creating a smart, hard working wardrobe, so when adding colour I need you to consider a few things

A. Does it make you feel good when you wear it? Colour is a very personal thing and can impact your emotions when wearing. Although certain colours may look amazing on you, I want you to be very in tune with how you feel in it. If it reminds you of your school uniform or something not so fun from your past then give it a miss! Chances are you will only wear it a few times and it will be left to collect dust.

B. Does it work back with your existing wardrobe? Think of 3 ways you can wear it with what you already have at home. That can be as simple as pairing it with blue denim, black pants or even different shoe options to dress it up or down.

I trust you took value from this post and I hopoe you have an amazing day – Chelsea x

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