The DIY series: Ultimate Halloween guide


The DIY series: Ultimate Halloween guide

Halloween is near and it's time to get planning! The festivities might look a little different this year, but rest assured - Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet.

Whether it's a casual day at home or entertaining with friends and family, we have the perfect trick-or-treat alternatives in our five-step guide to hosting the ultimate spooky soirée at home.


Halloween decorations will always get you in the ‘spirit’. These basics are simple but effective at bringing the spook-factor.


If carving a pumpkin isn’t your thing, this light-up rattan Jack-O-Lantern from Target is equal parts stylish and spooky. Or if you love crafts, get creative by decorating and painting your own pumpkins for a no-carve alternative that will get the kids involved and excited.

Window decals

Up the chill factor with these $2 window decals from Kmart. A simple and easy way to add a hint of Halloween to your home.

Themed lighting

This gorgeous sugar skull candle from Dusk will set the night aglow.

Spider webs

Adding cobwebs to door frames and pendant lights is a quick way to add some spookiness indoors. Take the scare factor to the next level with fake creepy crawlies too. Find these at Kmart.

Costumes for the whole family

Halloween is all about costumes for everyone, including our furry friends of course! If you’re sticking with the scary theme, shop a huge range of creepy costumes at Kmart, Target, Big W or try one of the following alternative trends.

Pop culture

Take some inspiration from pop culture moments from 2020. Go as the Tiger King and Carol Baskin, your fave Schitt’s Creek character (Moira!), a quarantine couch potato, a Bachelor contestant, or a TikTok star - the options are endless!

DIY your costume

Get creative and crafty! This adorable grape costume packs a little less fright but makes up for it with mega cute factor. Find out how here >
Shop the products at Riot Art & Craft, Kmart, Target, Big W.

Dress up your pets

Pet Barn have a great selection of dress-ups for your four-legged friends. Try a spider, skeleton, banana, a witch or even a pizza outfit! There are so many options that involve everyone in the Halloween festivities this year, whether you're going all out, or with just a subtle accessory.


If you can’t commit to a costume, whip up an impressive make-up look with beauty products from MECCA and Priceline. You can’t go wrong with a zombie, skull, or cute animal make-up. Check out YouTube and TikTok for some fresh inspiration and tutorials.


Do your kids have big imaginations? We've put together a craft activity that encourages them to dream up cute creatures and get their little fingers moving.
Find out how to make DIY Halloween Worry Monsters here >

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