Fall in love with Kmart's new living range


Fall in love with Kmart's new living range

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Inspired by Australian flora, fauna, people and places, Kmart’s latest living range is guaranteed to excite Australians ready to transform their favourite living spaces on a budget.

Arriving from Thursday 29 July 2021, Kmart’s August Living range combines leading trends with impressively low prices to deliver stylish solutions for all areas of the home including living, kitchen, dining, bedroom and storage.

Channelling an exciting new direction, Kmart has revamped its approach to furniture, launching an expansive range of truly bespoke and on-trend furniture pieces, all at irresistibly low prices. Beyond furniture, Kmart has responded to the shift in Australian lifestyle by refining its approach to serveware, delivering dining solutions that promise restaurant- quality meal experiences within the comfort of home.

Supporting everything local is important at Kmart, with its celebration of this country continuing through its overarching ‘Australiana’ approach to homewares, most noticeable in the patterns, colourways and textures, and the business’ ongoing in-house design approach.

Kmart’s latest range lends itself to the varying styles and tastes of Australians, by encompassing two key themes. The Timeless range celebrates warm and earthy tones, with soft butter colours, refreshing blues and comforting apricot hues: the perfect palette to create a sanctuary within the home.

Shoppers will also notice beautiful hand drawn prints, soothing textures and the natural fibres synonymous with Kmart’s Timeless style, with an even more contemporary focus.

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