5 beauty woes every Queenslander can sympathise with


5 beauty woes every Queenslander can sympathise with

There’s simply no heat like Queensland heat. And while we love our beautiful weather and endless beach days, we could do without the resulting frizz, redness and sweaty everything. Here are five beauty woes every Queenslander can relate to, plus the products you’ll need to deal with them.

1. Constant frizz

A good hair day in the Sunshine State is no easy feat: the heat sucks moisture out of hair; the sun dries it out further; the hard water streaming out of our showers roughens the hair cuticle; and sweat undoes all those anti-frizz measures you took when you styled your mane this morning.

Frizziness comes when the hair cuticle isn’t sitting flat. For healthy, shiny tresses, what you want is to smooth and seal the cuticle layer. To do so, moisturisation is key. Get used to it – it’s the answer to just about all your beauty issues!

In your hair kit, aim to have a moisturising shampoo, a weekly hair mask, and an anti-frizz serum. When styling, always use a heat protectant to prevent damage. Hot tip: Trade a sleek style for one with lots of texture. Frizz is a lot harder to spot when it’s hiding among curls and waves.

2. Red, irritable skin

A little flush is flattering, but a blotchy red mess? Not so much. Hot temps make it hard for skin to hold onto moisture, and when skin is dehydrated, it can become red and irritable. Soothe and hydrate inflamed skin with a moisturiser packed with cooling aloe vera, nourishing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as turmeric, calendula extract, licorice and chamomile. A gel face mask a couple of times a week will help restore a healthy glow. Hot tip: Pop your face mask in the fridge for an hour before using for an extra-cooling effect.

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3. Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is one of the top skin concerns for Australian women. UV sun exposure and heat are two major culprits for hyperpigmentation, and we have plenty of both in these parts. The first thing you need to do is apply sunscreen every single day. Find a weightless one that’s non-greasy and non-whitening. Make sure it has a minimum of SPF 30 and don’t just rely on a moisturiser that has built-in SPF protection. It’s not enough to handle the heat here in Queensland.

Vitamin C is great for brightening skin and fading existing pigmentation. Exfoliation can also help. By removing those dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, you’re also breaking down pigmented cells and encouraging new, healthy skin cells to take their place.

4. Thirsty skin

Constantly feeling parched? Imagine how your skin feels. You’ll need a top-up in the hydration department, and an inside and out approach is best. Drink plenty of water every day and focus on incorporating ultra-hydrating ingredients into your skincare routine, as opposed to reaching for richer, thicker formulas that can clog pores and trap in heat (hello, redness). Hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, glycerin and ceramides are all considered top-shelf hydrators.

5. Breakouts around the hairline

The culprit of pimples near the hairline is sweat. It has a nasty habit of trapping dirt in your pores. Besides seeking refuge in an air-conditioned room, carry a pack of face wipes with you at all times to mop sweat off your skin. A formula enriched with pore-cleaning witch hazel is a top choice.

Washing with an antibacterial cleanser morning and night will help clear those sweat-induced breakouts. Salicylic acid is a great antibacterial ingredient for deeply cleaning clogged pores and removing dirt and grime from the skin’s surface.

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