LEGO® Certified Store

Westfield Chermside is the new home of Brisbane's first LEGO® Certified Store


The landmark new store includes:

  • Pick A Brick Wall – an array of pieces to select from at any given time
  • Build Your Own Minifigure™ stations – custom build your own LEGO® Minifigure, including heads, torsos, legs and hair
  • LEGO® play tables providing children the opportunity to get creative and build whatever they imagine
  • LEGO® products, including hard-to-find products
  • An iconic Brisbane mosaic which consists of 137311 bricks unique to the Chermside LEGO store and took over 337 hours to build!
  • A Bespoke Chermside 3D model made by hand which consists of 70,000 bricks and taking over 396 hours to build!

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Located in the Northern Mall near Woolworths

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Nando's Car Park off Kittyhawk Drive or Purple Level 2 Car Park