Spring fresh food recipe guide with Martyna Angell


Spring fresh food recipe guide with Martyna Angell

As we emerge from a winter that kept us mostly indoors, we look toward Spring and the prospect of stepping out in to the sunshine, spending time with family, and eating delicious, fresh food.

We partnered with food writer and photographer Martyna Angell to develop four yummy spring dishes that are perfect served as the weather warms up.

And if you’re looking for ways to entertain the kids, and you’re fresh out of Playdoh and paints, why not have them join you in the kitchen? Martyna’s kid-friendly pizza pockets are a hit both in prep and in the tummy. Or put their new-found abstract painting skills to work and have them help decorate the cheesecake squares with edible florals and berries.

Find Martyna’s spring recipe guide below. Make sure you share your work with us by tagging @westfieldchatswood and @wholesomecook, and use the hashtag #freshfoodwithwestfield.

BBQ Lamb Kofta with Greek Salad and Tzatziki
Juicy, garlicky and filled with warm spices, these lamb kofta balls are best cooked on the barbecue. Add a smoker box with some mesquite wood chips for the authentic wood-fire flavour even on a gas barbecue. Serve with a Greek salad and homemade tzatziki that’s fresh and easy to make.

2-ingredient Dough Pizza Pockets
Perfect project to tackle with the kids – these pizza pockets are great as a snack, light supper and go well in a lunchbox instead of sandwiches. You might want to make a double batch from the word go!

Baked Seafood with Coriander Chimichurri
A delicious baked seafood dinner served with a zesty, sweet and sour, slightly spicy chimichurri bursting with coriander flavours. The sauce also goes well with steak and keeps in the fridge for a couple of days.

Mixed Berry Cashew Cheesecake Squares
If you are craving a creamy berry “cheesecake” that’s vegan and packed with delicious whole food ingredients, look no further. The squares can be stored in the freezer so snacking or mid - week dessert is always sorted!

Make sure you visit our Instagram page as we share each of these recipes via IGTV: @westfieldchatswood

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