Behind the curtain: Meet the team behind HOYTS Chatswood


Behind the curtain: Meet the team behind HOYTS Chatswood

HOYTS is back and returning with a program full of the greatest films to stand the test of time and latest blockbusters set to change the game. Whether you’re looking for a heart-warming triumph to lift your spirits, share a laugh with a friend or a hard-hitting plot twist full of thrills and chills, there’s so many reasons to pop-in to the cinemas today.

Who better to judge the greatest films of all time than the team behind the curtain? We asked the HOYTS team at Westfield Chatswood for the inside scoop on their stand-out movie memories, the best films due to hit screens soon and their favourite candy bar snacks.

Andrew – Ford vs Ferrari

Christian Bale and Matt Damon starring in an epic true story full of thrill-seeking car racing – you couldn’t write a more perfect film if you tried, according to Andrew. Ford vs Ferrari is his all-time favourite movie, not only because it’s so well written, but because at every turn it’s full of jaw-dropping thrills, joyful laughs and a rollercoaster full of emotions.

Andrew is a real lover of classics, including Castaway and Forest Gump. It’s fitting that his favourite Actor, Tom Hanks, and Director, Robert Zemeckis, were apart of both films. It’s probably also why he’s most excited to see the Batman return to screens from Tuesday 18 August. You’ll be seeing him front and centre at the first screening with his favourite candy bar snack, a Salted Caramel Choc Top.

Naomi – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Don’t get her Ron, each film in the franchise holds a special place in her heart, but Naomi is Sirius about her love for the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. How could you not Gryffin-adore the film? Namoi thinks this particularly Harry Potter film is magic because it’s when the franchise really started to change, the characters grew up, and the sets and spell-binding wizardry captivated everyone.

Emma Watson not only won over the whole world with her performance as Hermione in the Blockbuster, but Naomi has a real attachment to her. They both grew up together and share the same passion for activism and women’s rights, which is what Naomi admires most about Watson.

With such a passion for strong female characters, this year Wonder Woman 1984 is at the top of Naomi’s must-see list . She’ll be screaming “Accio slushy” as she cheers on Gal Gadot and her band of fearless female warriors in the long-awaited sequel.

Ashley – The Skelton Twins

Ashley couldn’t think of anyone better to star in her favourite film The Skelton Twins than funny man Bill Hader. She thinks Hader is the perfect combination of funny and dramatic, and his work on SNL set him up for his recent directing debut and work on Barry. Ashely thinks the film stands tall as it covers all types of topics including mental health, family connection and the comedy, which bring us all together.

Interestingly, her favourite director is better known for his work in horror. Ari Aster’s recent work including Midsommar and Hereditary changed the game according to Ashley. She loves that his work doesn’t rely on jump scares but rather the audience is asked to think about the world we live in and unearth the plot of each film. She enjoys watching his films with her favourite snack, Pods!
The next film on her watchlist is Black Widow – bound to be the best Marvel film yet.

Marcus – Donnie Darko

One of the finest actors of his generation, Jake Gyllenhaal is not only the main character in Marcus’ favourite film but is also his number one film star. Not only does he do a fantastic job at unravelling the cause-and-effect of the universe in Donnie Darko, but his personality and incredible talent shines through the screen in films like Spider-Man: Far from Home, Southpaw and The Day After Tomorrow.

New Zealand born Director, Taika Waititi, is Marcus’ favourite film maker. Marcus thinks he did an incredible job with Thor Ragnarok, but Jojo Rabbit was an unexpected stroke of cinematic genius, which he loved seeing with his mum on Mother’s Day.

Marcus is most excited about seeing A Quiet Place 2. He’s not sure what’s to come, but the film trailer intrigued him so much, that he’s sure that the genius of the first film will deliver in the next.

Marcus’ candy bar go-to is popcorn, you don’t mess with a classic!

Bishan – Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s brilliance makes him Bishan’s favourite Director, but he says Leonardo DiCaprio stole the show in his favourite film Django Unchained. His individual performance as Calvin Candie, is Bishan’s favourite cinematic memory of all time.

Bishan is most excited to see Avatar 2. The first film was mesmerising and the second is sure to bring even more ingenuity to the way movies are made.
Bishan loves everything on the Lux menu at HOYTS, but his guilty pleasure is to start with a serving of Twix Pods.

So, what are you waiting for? Head in to HOYTS and see some of the best films to hit the screens and those that are sure to make a splash this year!

Also, don’t forget that HOYTS offers Prams at the Pix and Senior Sessions.

They’re also offering private screenings for just $450, so plan your next event like the royalty that you are and roll out the red carpet for your friends.

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