General Pants #NOFILTER


General Pants #NOFILTER

Raw and real – it’s a thing.

#NOFILTER is a movement and we want you to get on board and embrace body confidence this summer in your GP Swim

We’ve peeled back the polish in an effort to break down the common perception of perfection. Together with the help of some of Australia’s most body confident women, we decided to remove the retouching from Swim ’18 and we’re giving it to you raw and real.

Join our girls Steph Claire Smith and Bree Warren and get on board the #NOFILTER movement by embracing body confidence this summer.

For the first time ever, Steph Claire Smith and Bree Warren feature un-retouched in a national campaign that embraces their body shapes and personally perceived flaws. Their #NOFILTER stories are a reminder that even those who seem confident on the surface have struggled with self-doubt.

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