NSW Junior Chess League


NSW Junior Chess League

  • Hosted by NSW Junior Chess League, Level 3 Event Space, near Nando's. View Map

The New South Wales Junior Chess League (NSWJCL) is bringing together children and adults of different cultures and backgrounds by hosting a chess showcase in our centre.

The NSWJCL, the peak body for junior chess in NSW, presents some of the fastest and brightest NSW juniors playing Blitz (five minutes per player, per game), a blindfold demonstration by a former State Junior Champion and a Simul, one player challenges many.

We're inviting both children and adults to be coached in chess or get their game on and compete against one of the experienced players.

Chess games develop enduring concentration under pressure and away from electronic devices. Mental fixing is a useful tool for study, work deadlines, voluntary activities and in all relationships. Chess obstacles develop creativity in problem solving: Disentanglements need a plan to escape a flawed position and tactics to manipulate the opponent into an unsound situation.

All this, and it's great fun.