Soran Dance Troupe Performance


Soran Dance Troupe Performance

Sydney Soran Odori-tai (Dance Troupe) will deliver their energetic Yosakoi Soran Dance at Westfield Chatswood!

Soran is one of the most famous traditional fisherman's dance in Japan. The dance acts by acting ocean waves, fisherman dragging nets, pulling ropes and lifting luggage over their shoulders. This dance is taught in many schools across Japan as a part of the curriculum.

The Sydney Soran Dance Troupe have now also integrated funk dance and modern dance with Soran. We will perform the 3 styles of dance at Matsuri Festival Westfield Chatswood:
1. Funk Soran
2. Asia no Kaizoku (modern Soran)
3. Nanchu Soran (traditional Soran)

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