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Rockaway Records

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Husband and wife team, Scott and Glenyce, have taken a true love and sincere appreciation of music and created a base for like minded individuals to gather, discuss and acquire.

The dynamic duo set up the store as a brother business to the iconic 42 year old Rockaway Records Los Angeles, owned by Scott's brothers.

The pair felt an allure to keep Rockaway independent and focus on consumer experience over corporate structure.

In 1992, Rockaway Records Australia was realised.

Rockaway Records is more than a record store. It's an extensive collection of hopes and dreams, it's an audio experience. It is the go-to for sophisticated listeners and newbies alike.

Rockaway has also evolved over time to be one of Australia’s premier pop culture places to explore. We are always well stocked in Pop! Vinyl including your favourite music artists, Marvel and DC, Disney, Anime, cult movies and more…. We have it all!

The crew here loves to talk music, scotch and Star Wars. Everyone is welcome, no palate is too abstract.

It is a 29 year old, vinyl loving institution with stacks of new and used vinyl, music memorabilia, and now a huge range of new pop culture merchandise and collectables.

Rockaway is like an intravenous hit of nostalgia. From first pressings of AC/DC and Bob Dylan to 60s Beatles dolls, there is something in every nook and cranny, just waiting to be discovered.

Rockaway Records sell, buy and trade vinyl, CDs and music and pop culture collectables.

Visit Rockaway Records at Carindale

Level 1, Above Centre Court

Enter P15 Aqua via Creek Rd northbound overpass ramp, around to left


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