7 tips to manage dry skin between seasons


7 tips to manage dry skin between seasons

By dermatologist Dr. Eleni Yiasemides, on behalf of Dermeze

As the cool weather approaches, it's not only important to get your wardrobe prepared, but also to get your beauty regimen in order. Dr. Eleni Yiasemides has given us some of her tips to managing dry skin in cold weather.

1. Soap-free cleanser

Use a gentle soap-free cleanser when showering or bathing, as soaps can dry out the skin.

2. Moisturise

Apply a moisturiser after your shower or bath, as this is when the skin is more receptive to receiving the moisture.

3. Avoid long, hot showers

Avoid long, hot showers that dehydrate the skin. Having a bath is ideal as it adds moisture. Use a gentle soap-free wash in the bath.

4. Change up your moisturiser

Choose a good-quality moisturiser and mix and match throughout the year with the seasons to suit your changing skin needs. For example, in summer, a lotion may be more appropriate, but in winter, a treatment cream or ointment may be required. Also, different body parts require different levels of moisture, so areas on hands, feet and elbows, for instance, may require an ointment, whereas the arms and legs may require a cream. So having a few different moisturisers at home is ideal so you have the right moisturiser to suit your skin's needs.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good-quality cleanser or moisturiser. Most of the best products are available at the chemist or supermarket.

5. Avoid dry environments

Avoid dry environments like air conditioning and consider the use of a humidifier.

6. Avoid fragrances or preservatives

Avoid fragrances or preservatives when looking for appropriate cleansers or moisturisers, especially if you're sensitive or allergic to them.

7. Keep your skin protected

Keep your skin protected from irritating chemicals like cleaning products by wearing gloves when doing housework or washing the car.

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