Best pet gifts for Christmas


Best pet gifts for Christmas

Anyone who has a pet at home would agree that they're just as much a part of the family as everyone else – and sometimes, they’re the best behaved!

It’s no surprise then that, come Christmas, we all want to shower our pets with love, presents and offcuts from the roast lunch. However, a lot of us are guilty of filling our pets’ stocking with treats and toys that will get left in the corner of the backyard for all of eternity, or not get opened at all.

So instead of wasting money from the precious Christmas budget, here are some of the best gifts for your furry family members.

Pawsome dogs

This year, skip the squeaky toys and pick a present your pup will actually use – think a pet teepee for inside or outside, a treat dispenser for home and trips to the park, or a fancy new bowl. Shop the range at Big W and Red Dot.

It will be hot over Christmas, so another great idea is a refrigerated mat, bone or bandana to keep them cool as they play outdoors.

For gifts that will make your life easier, try a treat jar that will suit your kitchen, or pet shampoo and aroma sprays. Head to Target to find a gift that you will also love.

Just want to treat your fur child? Go for a collar tag from Typo or some tasty treats treats from Red Dot.

Pictured above: dog collar tag from Typo, food dispenser from Red Dot, ceramic bowl set from Target and non-slip bone bowl from Big W.

Purr-fect felines

There are a couple of things we know about cats.

One is that they love to sleep and lounge around, so keep this in mind when choosing a practical gift for your kitty! A snuggly cat cave can sit in the corner of your lounge room, and a new knit or faux fur throw can lie over the couch to protect it from all that fur. Shop the range at Target.

Cats also love to scratch, so save your couch again by investing in a quirky new scratch toy from Big W.

You can’t go wrong with interactive toys, beautiful ceramic bowls and the infamous cardboard box house from Red Dot.

Pictured above: cardboard box scratcher and cat toy from Red Dot, scratching post from Big W, faux throw and cat cave from Target.

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