Taste the essence of India at Bombay Talkies


Taste the essence of India at Bombay Talkies

Follow your senses and you’ll discover Bombay Talkies in the dining hub. Bombay Talkies serves authentic Indian that flips street-food on it’s head with traditional spices, produce and flavours you’ve never tasted before. No matter what scale of peckish you are, you’ll discover a dish that’s just right.

A platter of starters

Start your Indian dining experience by savouring all the flavours with a trio of curries and naan. If you’re after more of a crunch, then we’ve got a hunch you’ll love their Masala Fries. Combine a few dishes and lay it all out on the table.

Don’t underestimate light meals

If you’re a fan of burritos, we’ve got the perfect Indian equivalent for you. Meet the Kati Roll, a scrumptious selection of charcoal grilled meat and veg, encased in a handmade paratha bread. Event better, Bombay Talkies light meals start from $12.50.

Down for some Chaats

Travel to the streets of Bombay or Delhi and you’ll find a Chaat stall serving up delicious bites on every corner. Think picture perfect shells of puffed pastry stuffed, seasoned and topped with yummy ingredients. These bite sized snacks come in many flavours and sizes, so that everyone can devour them.

Curry in a hurry

Did you know there’s over 14 curries on the menu? All your favourites made to order, just let the chefs know your spice level and any dietary requirements you may have. That way, you can relish in that beloved Butter Chicken. Be bold and try something different, because there’s so many more flavours to explore. Don’t forget to soak up your curry with fresh paratha bread or steamy basmati rice, yum!

Kids bites

The whole family can dine in. Little ones can fill up on steamed rice paired with protein or vegetables (trust us, they won’t even know they’re eating their greens or lentils). If they love yoghurt, treat them to a delicious dessert drink, The Strawberry Lassi. It’s just like a milkshake but only creamier and packed with a burst of flavour.

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