We're plastic bag free


We're plastic bag free

Ban the bag

From 1 January 2019, it’s an offence for WA retailers, including food outlets, to supply lightweight plastic bags. Please remember to support our retailers during this time of change and bring your reusable bags or welcome retailers who offer sustainable alternatives.

Did you know?

West Australians use over 670 million lightweight plastic bags, every year. It it estimated that one to two percent of this figure is littered, which equates to seven million plastic bags entering our beautiful environment, each year.

This has a damaging effect on West Australian soils, waterways, marine life and fauna. All of which can be diffused and minimized by reducing the amount of plastic entering our environment.

The average useful lifespan of a single use plastic bag is approximately twelve minutes, or the
minimal time it takes to transport goods from your car to the home. It can take anywhere from ten to hundreds of years for each individual plastic bag to breakdown in landfills, waterways and marine environments.

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