Dino hunt


Dino hunt

Concierge Desk, between Maurice Meade and Michael Hill
  • 11th Jul - 15th Jul

Ready or not here we come! The hunt is on for Jurassic World dinosaurs at Whitford City.

Grab your best walking shoes and binoculars. Adventurers will need to journey across the shopping centre to find Blue the Raptor, TRex, Triceratops, Teranadon, Apatosaurus or Stegosaurus.

1. Collect a map from Concierge and be on your way.
2. Keep a look-out for dinosaurs on the shop windows, if spotted show the friendly store keeper your map and they will reward you with a mini-dino.
3. Once you have collected all of your dinosaurs, head back to Concierge to fill out an entry form for your chance at winning a Jurassic prize pack.

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