Take part in our Remembrance Day tribute


Take part in our Remembrance Day tribute

In the lead up to Remembrance Day, Westfield Whitford City have teamed up with the Returned & Services League of Western Australia (RSLWA) to commemorate and honour those who fell, those who returned and those who are serving our country today.

Honour them by making a donation and contribute to the growing poppy art display, a representation of community support for RSLWA.

  • When Saturday 9 November
  • Where Opposite Health Kick

Introducing your local veteran family, the Vetters from Joondalup.

The Vetters are dad Eddie and mum Paula, as well as daughter Alicia, 11, and son Andrew, 9. Between Eddy’s work with a mining company, Paula’s work with Defence Health, as well as the kids’ schooling and extracurricular activities, life can get pretty hectic.

But come Remembrance Day on November 11, despite being separated by work and school commitments, they will unite in spirit when stopping at 11am to dedicate a minute’s silence to the fallen.

This shared and unspoken bond while paying silent tribute to the brave speaks to the very essence of this exceptionally generous family.

After all, it stands as a testament to the 20 years Eddie served in the Army, 19 full-time, with another 12 months given to the Army Reserves. And the 18 years that Paula so freely gave in full-time service to our country. She, too, transitioned out of the regular Army - after becoming a mum the second time - but is still very much active within the Reserves, where she is in her seventh year.