Our butcher's guide on choosing the perfect steak


Our butcher's guide on choosing the perfect steak

Do you ever look at all the different cuts of meat at local butcher and wonder what piece you should be picking for dinner, or what the difference is between certain cuts?

We popped into Springfield Butchers located in our Fresh Food precinct (near Coles), to put a guide together to help you choose the best steak for your next occasion.


Prized as the most tender cut. Fillets are cuts form the very end of the tenderloin. It has a little fat and is best served as rare as you like and it will still be tender.


Considered to be a prime steak, like fillet, but has more flavour and little more fat. Best served medium-rare. Pair this with a glass of Merlot for the perfect combo.


The ultimate steak for flavour with fine textures and rich marbling. There are two cuts to note - rib-eye, boneless and usually serves one and rib on the bone, and is traditionally served in twos. Best served medium-rare. Pair it with a glass of your favourite cabernet Sauvignon.


Affordable and flavourful with some fat left on. Rumps are really lean, with more of a 'bite' to it, so we don't recommend overcooking it. Can be cooked as individual steaks, flash-fried and served whole or barbequed as a large piece.


If you can’t decide between a fillet and a sirloin then this gives you best of both worlds. T-bones have a good amount of marbled fat. To make sure it cooks evenly, it is best finished in the oven. Avoid over-charring it.

How do I judge if the steak is cooked to my liking?

It's all about feel. Once you get the hang of it you should be able to get it right every time.

Rare: Hold one hand up loosely and with the other hand press the ball of your thumb (this is the fleshy part of your hand directly under your thumb). This should give you the feeling of a soft and juicy rare steak.

Medium: Bring your index finger to your thumb and make a circle. Using your other hand, press the ball of your thumb to get the feeling of a steak that's medium done.

Well done: Bring your middle finger to your thumb to make a circle, using your other hand press the ball of your thumb to get the feeling of a well done steak.

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