There is no plan bee: the importance of honey


There is no plan bee: the importance of honey

Spring has landed at Westfield West Lakes and to celebrate we would like to shine light on South Australia’s golden HONEY!

There are many types of honey available to buy. Typically, supermarket honeys are a mix of blends so that they deliver a consistent taste, however, raw honey, produces a range of colours and flavours, from light and floral to dark and strong tasting.

Throughout our fresh food mall, we have locally curated displays showcasing four South Australian honey producers whose products are available to purchase from our specialty retailers: Adam's Apple, Cheese Co. and Healthy Life.

Gumeracha Honey

Gumeracha Honey is a family owned business, grown and produced locally in the Adelaide Hills, Gumeracha.

This small-batch honey is a testament to the old saying, "from little things, big things grow". Beekeeper, Vince Rocca fondly remembers, a friend gifting him his first bee hive. Soon after, Vince and his family started producing unlabelled jars of honey to sell at a nearby farmer's market.

It wasn't long before a local label-maker stumbled across the honey and loved it so much that they decided to make Vince his very own label...and 'Gumeracha Honey' was born!

Vince and his family have been sharing their little slice of heaven with South Australians ever since.

There are three delicious, ooey-gooey flavours, including: Blue Gum, Mallee and Orange Blossom. No additives or preservatives!

Gumeracha Honey is available now from Adam's Apple.

Maya's Sunny Honey

Maya Sunny Honey is a 100% raw honey range, handcrafted by Andrew Wyszynski and his hard working bees in Mudgee, NSW.

Best known for the beautiful jars of honeycomb, each unique honeycomb piece you see takes 500 bees about four weeks to build.

As Andrew explains, “each one is sealed in its upside down jar with propolis - a naturally healing resinous mixture that bees produce to use as sealants in their hives”.

By presenting his products in their most natural form, Andrew hopes to educate as many people about the dangers faced by bees around the world: namely, the deadly Varroa mite, the pollen-eating Small Hive Beetle and the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder - an increasingly prevalent phenomenon around the world.

Maya's Sunny Honey is available now from Cheese Co.

Gilberts Honey

Martin & Lorraine Gilbert operate "Gilbert Beekeeping" in Marino South Australia.
Martin began his bee journey as a 13-year-old at Urrbrae Agricultural College and started his commercial beekeeping operation in 1972.

As migratory beekeepers Martin & Lorraine travel South Australia with their bees providing pollination services. This allows the bees to forage on nectar sources to produce premium South Australian honey.

Gilberts Honey is available now from Adam's Apple.

Kangaroo Island Living Honey

Living Honey is raw and certified organic through the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and extract around 20 tons of honey a year under the NASAA stringent guidelines.

Living Honey is a family run business located on Kangaroo Island. Consisting of Shawn the apiarist (Bee keeper), Anthea the book keeper and product manufacturer and their 5 children. Shawn started working with bees as a hobby in 1998. Shawn now runs almost 200 productive hives and is still building.

Living Honey Kangaroo Island is available now from Healthy Life.

Signs hand drawn by local artist, Amanda King. Be sure to check out Amanda's other designs on the chalkboards around our Fresh Food mall!

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