Pump it up with Vive Active


Pump it up with Vive Active

Combining the sweet science of reformer pilates with the best principles of strength training, Vive Active has designed the ultimate results driven workout. The workout combines strength, endurance and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout for every level. Get ready to meet your best you with the ultimate group fitness experience.

Karina Chorley gave this unique exercise a go to see what the hype is about.

What are the trainers like?: "The trainers are super inspiring and they really get you into it."

How were the facilities?: "The facility is great. Change rooms are super clean and they provide things like deodorant etc. so perfect if you’re on the run. The room has PLENTY of beds and space, greta air conditioning and amazing sound system and music."

Overall, how did you find Vive Active: "Loved it. Couldn’t believe a whole hour had passed! I was so engaged."

How did you feel after the session: "I felt awesome. Everything was feeling super switched on and I was feeling taller and leaner."

Can the gym be easily accessed via the carpark: "You can literally park right outside the facility which is great if you just want to pop in for the workout."

If you could pick one highlight, what would it be: "I loved the vibe/environment. Super inspiring and fun."

Karina wore P.E. Nation from David Jones, see her review below:

How was the fit: "So great to train in. They actually feel like they hold you in. There was actually another girl in the class wearing the same pants :)"
Feel: "Very breathable and like they will be super durable over time."
Look: "Super slimming and sporty. I love this look!"
How did you feel after the session? "They are super absorbent and breathable so I felt fine to continue on for a couple more hours before getting home to take a shower."
Highlight: "I love the colours and the design! The jacket is so stand out."

Visit the dynamic team at Vive Active today!

Vive Active

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