T2: superhero sips save the day


T2: superhero sips save the day

Meet our new line up of teas that pack a powdered punch!

Supercharger Matchaberry Loose Leaf Feature Cube

A honeybush base sets things up for sweet pineapple and cocao goodness to work their magic before a hit of strawberry adds a flavour explosion. A sprinkle of energetic matcha offers the finishing touch, for a sip that’s sure to keep you on your toes!

Cherry Cha Cha Loose Leaf Feature Cube

Cherry obsessed? This brew’s for you! Puerh black tea gets a dose of cherry and cinnamon before we add a sprinkle of cacao! Puerh keeps all the flavours in balance, letting the cherry notes sing alongside a dark chocolate bite for the ultimate end to a top notch choc cherry tea. What a treat!

Myrtle’s Mate Loose Leaf Feature Cube

Lemon myrtle and cacao husks become an unexpected taste sensation in this refreshingly earthy sip. Dusted with South American yerba mate for a little perkiness, this sip serves up endlessly smooth, almost woodsy flavours with just the right dose of sweetness.

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