Anytime Fitness: a gym designed to suit you


Anytime Fitness: a gym designed to suit you

Whether you want to train on your own or as part of a group, Anytime Fitness have got you covered. From cardio to strength, free weights, to functional, all Anytime Fitness Clubs contain the most up-to-date equipment that suits all fitness levels and any workout goal. Get your fitness fix 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Local Alisha Williamson visited Anytime Fitness to find out just how well suited the gym could be.

Describe Anytime Fitness: "Anytime Fitness, the name says it all! You can get your workout in at anytime of the day or night! Great for the time poor, as you can come get your workout in at 2am if you like!"

Is PT available?: "If you’re new to a gym environment, haven’t been in a gym for a long time or need some extra motivation the PT’s are the pest way to learn about all the equipment and how to move your body to avoid injury."


What is the set-up like?: "This is your usual gym set up with all the modern equipment and there are Personal trainers at the gym in business hours, making it super convenient."

Can the gym be easily accessed via the carpark: "Parking was easy, it's always easy to park at the mall."

Who would you recommend Anytime Fitness to: "If you are the kind of person who likes getting on with your workout without too much interruption, Anytime Fitness is for you. Find a good Spotify playlist, plug in your headphones, and get to work!"

And the activewear? Alisha was dressed head to toe in JD Sports: "Let's talk shoes, Adidas is defiantly a common theme in my footwear department. I’m pretty sure I own more joggers than any other shoe! I’ve had so many trainers say to me that footwear is a major part in injury prevention. If you are training in the wrong type of footwear you are more likely to injure yourself. I tested out one of the most popular Adidas styles - the Boost. Nice and tight, a little bit of elevation and a shoe you could wear all day. The Adidas Boost is definately a shoe I will buy again. The guys at JD Sports really know their stuff when it comest to what style of shoe you need to wear for the activity you are participating in. As for my get up, I had never worn Pink Soda before so I was super excited to give the brand a run for its money so to speak. Most of the activewear is made from a cotton blend and super breathable. The brand is very on trend and stylish - I’d defiantly wear again!"

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