iPlay: Shoot the Hoop


iPlay: Shoot the Hoop

iPlay, Level 1

Shoot the Hoop at iPlay

Play off against other customers 5 times a day in a sudden death shoot off. The last person standing wins a SUPER PLAY PACK and will have their name entered into the draw to take home the hoop and basketballs!

There’s one basketball hoop to be won and THE WINNERS will be drawn on JANUARY 31.

The rules are simple:
To play you need to have your iPlay card with you.
Each player gets one shot and if they miss they are eliminated. Last person standing wins.
Everyone gets a fair chance with iPlay staff setting the shooting lines for each player

Shoot the Hoop will be played on the hour every hour, 5 times per day (11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm)

*Terms, conditions and exclusions may apply, see in-store for full details.