sass & bide: Introducing Fall Spring 20: Lou Lou’s Lover


sass & bide: Introducing Fall Spring 20: Lou Lou’s Lover

sass & bide, Ground Level

The collection takes inspiration from the illustrious West London LouLou’s Nightclub and sweet nostalgia of giddy late-hour antics. Boasting a kaleidoscope of mirrors, velour lounges and reality-distorting décor, LouLou’s feels like a locale fabricated in lush fiction.

Fall Spring 20 is a time warp into a decadent dream world of 90s excess where the weird and wonderful come together for a night of classy hedonism, champagne romps and woozy excitement. Lost in ambient noise and explosions of opulence, hearts pulse with alluring uncertainty as inhibitions fade into oblivion. The rendezvousing of dark and day twist perceptions of normality, immortalising the electric sensation of turning up late and turning out loud.

We’re all eager to once again step out and experience these moments of the beautiful obscurity; until then we revel in the euphoria of imagination.

With the late hours as kryptonite, Run the Night comes to life.

sass & bide