July School Holidays: Feel like a ninja warrior with Ninja Kids


July School Holidays: Feel like a ninja warrior with Ninja Kids

  • Hosted by Ninja Kids, Level G Near Myer. View Map

    Price: Free

Ninja Kids is bringing their brand new ninja warrior style obstacle course to Westfield Warringah Mall.

Brush up on your ninja skills as you balance, swing and soar through the course.

The team at Ninja Kids will be at the event to assist kids through each of the following obstacles:

Agility steps
Kids will make their way through several dome shaped steps that will test their agility, speed, leg strength and power.

Hanging rig
Including four lanes each with its own challenge of a slightly different obstacle.

Climbing ropes
The ropes are set apart so that kids must monkey crawl their way across the ropes transferring from one rope to another! Who will be the monkey that gets all the way across?

Swinging through the jungle like Tarzan, kids will have the opportunity to swing from ring to ring using their arms and grip strength to rely on. This obstacle focuses on shoulder and grip strength as well as technique and control in the hips and core.

Monkey bars
There are endless opportunities for children to make their way across this obstacle- forwards, backwards, sideways - the challenge will be to control their body as they move from rung to rung.

Trapeze handles
Similar to the rings, this challenge focuses on arms and grip strength. The feel of the handles will be different and kids will be challenged to adapt their technique where necessary.

Trapeze swing to cargo net
Children will build up a swing using their hips and legs to drive forward and controlling their body on the way back. The ultimate goal is to fly to the cargo net which will be just in front of them.

Balance beam
A pole similar to scaffolding pole in size means that children must concentrate on each step and take it slow if they want to finish the course!

Suitable for children aged 5+ years and over. Kids are required to wear closed shoes to complete the course. Young children must be supervised in the course by a guardian at all times. Participants must read and sign a waiver at the course prior to commencing.