What is Sweet Vibes?


What is Sweet Vibes?

Dessert, it's having a moment. And it's a moment we never want to end. For sweet tooths like us, all things dessert and sweet treats has us jumping with glee. So we've decided to bring the best of the sweetest delights to Westfield Tuggerah for a winter's night out you do not want to miss.

So who's joining us?:

Pull n Shots

Coffee in a cone, need we say more? Every dessert needs coffee, these guys will be your go to. Even better that it comes in an amazing choc-waffle cone.

But wait, there IS more.... did someone say CRONUTS?! Visit their cute AF van for you coffee and cronut fix!

The Marshmallow Co.

The Marshmallow Co. started from local humble beginnings, their original gourmet marshmallows were made to cook over a fire-pit one Winters night. Since then, they’ve been experimenting with various flavours and styles to develop our unique gourmet menu.

The cornerstone of their recipe is the ‘fluffiness’ that they insist on each marshmallow having, they aim for their products to melt in your mouth and that’s exactly what every single one does! Yes this is an Oreo Marshmallow...

Fluffy Crunch

Ok, let's be honest, Fluffy Crunch is an Insta-worthy dream, that tastes just as good as it looks.

Fluffy Crunch is a unique and modern twist to a traditional carnival classic. It's a fun, flavour packed experience that will ensure you get in touch with your inner child.

Rather than using a traditional stick they have created their very own Fluffy Crunch Bouquets of Sweetness which allow us to serve our creations in their fluffiest form together with quirky toppings like crushed cookies, honeycomb, popping candy and edible glitter, they've truly made fairy floss gourmet.

Hungary Bites

So we first came across these guys at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, famous for the delectable, Kurtos. For us not as fluent in Hungarian, we've been referring to Hungary Bites incredible creations as Donut Cones.

Traditional Hungarian pastry baked in front of you filled with soft-serve icecream and toppings of your choosing, leave some room for this incredible sweet treat.

Torch Me Crème Brûlée

The classic crème brûlée is a great marriage of simple ingredients. A rich custard base flavoured with vanilla bean is irresistible with its crisp burnt sugar crust. A simple yet stunning dessert!

Yet Torch Me Crème Brûlée have managed to make this simple dessert, even more incredible with their range of brulee toppings and flavours. Share in the like of S'Mores brulee, Tim Tam brulee, the unique Honey and Lavendar brulee or a Salted Caramel delight. So many options, so little time!

Mr Puff Loukoumades

Mmmm, loukoumades.... Loukoumades are little bite-sized fluffy sweet honey puffs, which are deep fried to golden and crispy perfection and are known as the Greek version of donuts.

Traditionally, loukoumades are served soaked in hot honey syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with chopped walnuts or toasted sesame seeds. When Mr Puff comes to Westfield Tuggerah, he'll be serving loukoumades traditionally, but you'll also be able to indulge with nutella and biscuit or butterscoth sauce and salted almond toppings. Drool!

Popcorn Freak

Popcorn Freak are the makers of fresh, gourmet popcorn based in Sydney. What started out as sharing their love and passion for making delicious popcorn creations for family and friends has now grown into a small business run by a husband and wife team.

The Popcorn Freak team handcraft small batches of gourmet popcorn and use only the highest quality ingredients in their recipes to bring you the best gourmet popcorn that Sydney has to offer. Popcorn Freak boast amazingly ridiculous popcorn flavours such as salted caramel, Oreo, Twix, Milo, Anzac biscuit and many more. These are ones you can take away and enjoy the Sweet Vibes for days to come.

The Crepe Escape

What makes a crepe? Crêpes are especially popular throughout France. The common ingredients include flour, eggs, milk, butter, and a pinch of salt. How do they differ from a pancake? Well, these light, thin and soft morsels of food are a texture like no other.

The Crepe Escape have not only produced a pun-tastic name for themselves but their crepe's are something to die for. Our favourite would be a crepe with banana's and strawberries drizzled with nutella. But then again we could really go one of their vegan-friendly buckwheat crepe with banana and avocado mouse with fersh raspberries and strawberries. Vegan can really taste that good.

G6 Shakes

Two words. Gelato. Milkshakes. These babies are a meal and a half, and worth every part of the sugar come down you'll most likely experience. For exmaple, the Top Gun Shake... Gaytime gelato, caramel syrup, honeycomb toppings & not one, but two glazed donuts!

Or the Mile High Shake, think chocolate gelato, chocolate Syrup, a belgium Waffle, waffle Cone with vanilla gelato, drizzled in Nutella and topped off with a wafer stick. Wow.

Our mouths are watering, Sweet Vibes is one not to be missed.

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