Find a lipstick shade that suits your hair, eye and skin colour


Find a lipstick shade that suits your hair, eye and skin colour

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Lipstick: the makeup staple with its own built-in superpowers! It has the ability to make your skin look more radiant, your teeth whiter, your eyes pop and your lips bigger and poutier, all in a single swipe. Many of us count on lipstick to complete our makeup look and we all have our favourite shades. But have you ever wondered why some shades look better on some people? Why your best friend can rock bright red lipstick, but you can't, no matter how hard you try?

Well, it turns out our most complimentary lipstick shades all come down to our hair, eye and skin colour!

We caught up with the team at Inglot for a lesson in lipstick matching to find the most flattering shades for every combination.

Westfield: Lipstick – is it still popular, or are women going for more of a natural look?
Inglot: Lipsticks will always complete your makeup look! Whether it's a bold colour or a nude shade, it will always be a must-have.

W: What trends are we seeing right now?
I: Metallic is making a comeback! We have just released our Diamond Lip Tints that are waterproof, super long-wearing, and give an opaque finish.

W: Are there any universal shades that suit everyone?
I: Everyone can pull off nude! There are just so many shades of nude these days for lips. Our top sellers are Inglot Lipstick in 220, 116 and 167, and the HD Lip Tint in 17 and 32.

W: Does your hair and skin colour play much of a role when it comes to choosing the right shades?
I: Yes! However, at Inglot, we like to say there are guidelines, rather than rules! If you have red hair, there are still red/orange lipsticks that will suit you – it’s all about finding the right shade of that colour.

W: Let's talk hair...
I: Brunettes can pull off most colours as brown is a neutral colour, but purple/plum really makes brown eyes pop! Blondes suit red lipstick and it lifts copper tones on the eyes (just try to avoid orange or yellow as this may clash). Redheads look amazing in soft pink tones.

W: How about complexions – fair, olive, dark?
I: It’s very dependent on the overall look you are going for. If you want to be bold, fair skin looks great with a pop of colour like purple or red. Olive or dark skin tones should avoid anything too ‘frosty’ or pale, as it can make your lips look dry. Other than that, these complexions can pull off most bold lipsticks with ease. Lucky!

W: Eye colour seems to play a big role in choosing the right lipstick. What would you recommend for each?
I: The secret trick is to choose the complete opposite colour to make your eyes pop. For example, blue eyes look great with orange undertones, while green eyes suit berry red shades. While brown eyes suit nearly every colour, we recommend going for purple if your eyes are more golden brown. Hazel eyes work with purple, red and brown tones.

W: Which celebs can we look to for classic hair and eye combos and the lipsticks that suit best?
I: If you have red hair and green eyes, think Emma Stone – she is always flawless with a matte red lipstick! Blonde hair and blue-eyed beauties should look to Blake Lively, who usually chooses warm pinks/oranges and reds. Dark hair and dark eyes can be inspired by Queen Bey, who pulls off everything from dramatic plum/purple hues to nude glossy lips!

W: Lastly, what are your top lip-related tips for the season?
Always swipe on a hydrating lip balm like our Rich Care Lip Balm when you start applying your makeup. This way, it will have time to absorb and your lipstick will glide on much easier when it comes to apply!

A great lip liner always makes asymmetrical lips easier to complete. I can’t go past our AMC Matte Lip Pencils as they are

A glossy lip is perfect for any makeup look! Our High Gloss Lip Oils are nourishing and add volume to your lips.

Metallic lips are so fun! Try our HD Diamond Lip Tints for a long-wearing, bold lip. They can be used on their own, over a lip liner or over any lipstick. Or, you can apply to just the inner lip for a subtle shine!

Matte magenta and crimson tones will be popular this spring... We often use these shades for runway shows as they add instance glam to a simple makeup look. Try Inglot Lipstick in 423 and 424 in our matte lipstick range.

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