Meet your Westfield Local Hero Finalists


Meet your Westfield Local Hero Finalists

In the first year of the Westfield Local Heroes program, we have received an overwhelming response and many heart-warming stories after asking the Tuggerah community to nominate individuals who they believe promote social wellbeing and harmony in their communities.

We congratulate every one of our nominees and recognise the important contribution they make to the local community.

The community has now cast its vote, the outcome of which will determine the three successful 2018 Westfield Local Heroes for Westfield Tuggerah. Each of their affiliated organisations will be awarded a $10,000 grant to support their work, program or activities.

The successful Westfield Local Heroes will be announced on 13 August.

Your six finalists for Westfield Tuggerah are:

Nicole Harvey: Coast Shelter

Professional. Caring. Emphatic.
Nicole manages Coast Shelter’s Rondeley Domestic Violence Response Program which aims to restore hope and dignity to the lives of the women and children who have escaped violence and abuse, so that they can move forward confidently in their lives and regain independence. Nicole has worked tirelessly in developing the pilot program, personally providing energetic and empathic support to each woman and child in the program. The grant of $10,000 would be used to assist Coast Shelter in purchasing household items for women and children needing to set up a new home as a result of escpaing domestic violence.

Racquel Hassett: Police Citizens Youth Club NSW Ltd (PCYC Bateau Bay)

Supportive. Committed. Fun.
Senior Constable Racquel Hassett is a pro-active NSW Police Officer who has dedicated the last 17 years of service to youth crime prevention by supporting and empowering ‘youth at risk’. Racquel’s role is multifaceted involving case managing young offenders, designing and conducting innovative crime prevention programs, mentoring young people, delivering crime prevention presentations, coaching sporting teams, volunteering at PCYC Club activities/events, fundraising and networking in the community. The Westfield Local Heroes grant would fund two term-based Youth Indigenous Domestic Violence Crime Prevention Programs run from PCYC Bateau Bay.

Kevin Hulls: Top Blokes Foundation

Energising. Dignifying. Persistent.
Kevin is an employee of the Top Blokes Foundation who support young men to make healthier and safer life choices by delivering mentoring programs to young men aged between 14 and 24 years who experience societal disconnection, mental illness, intergenerational unemployment and criminal actvity. These programs address anger management, healthy masculinities , mental health, respectful relationships, risk taking under peer pressure and improving their connection to education. The Westfield Local Heroes grant of $10,000 will assist the Tope Blokes Foundation in continuing their work in two local primary schools needing support with male students.

Garry Kirkby: Riding for the Disabled

Dedicated. Passionate. Capable.
Garry provides most disabled children the opportunity to enjoy horse riding with the movement of the horse promoting improved coordination, balance, muscular development and fitness whilst restoring personal confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust. Garry spends his time with the riders and their parents and carers conducting riding classes, looking after the horses and setting guding riders through their goals. A Westfield Local Heroes grant would enable Riding for the Disabled to purchase additional ponies, whose petite size is needed for some riders.

James Mulligan: Aspect Central Coast School

Determined. Passionate. Brave.
When James entered Year 8, he was diagnosed with Autism Sepctrum Disorder and was transfered to Aspect Central Coast School, now years after he's graduated James volunteers his time at Aspect, educating schoool staff on how best to work with students on the austism spectrum. To rasie awareness and funds for Aspect, James recently participated in the Trek for Autism, a 25-day trek around the Nepalese Himalayas. $10,000 Westfield Local Heroes grant will allow Aspect Central Coast to renovate their playground with sesnory equipment and areas to aid self regulation.

Joyce Toms: Camp Breakaway Inc.

Giving. Patient. Tireless.
The purpose of Joyce's work is to provide companionship care for adults and children with disabilities and seniors by interacting socially with the individual, in an atmosphere of caring and compassion. Joyce volunteers her time at every camp giving respite and a recreational holiday for these families by doing anything she can from catering to the set-up of activities to companion caring. The $10,000 Westfield Local Heroes grant would be used to support children with autism to attend a three-day sleepover at Camp Breakaway, which currently has a waitlist of over 100 children.

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