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Just Cuts: Are hair treatments key to healthy hair?

Just Cuts, Level 1

In a world where we seem to be adding a thousand new products to our routines - especially in hair care - the answer to this question is yes! A specialised hair treatment will make a massive difference to the health of our hair.

While it sounds like something you have to head to the Salon for, we're talking about the kind of treatment you can just put in at home once a week. It seems like such a simple step to add to your routine, and it is ... but it will make a HUGE difference to your locks, especially when you have the right product in hand.

So, what exactly is a hair treatment?
Hair mask, leave-in conditioner - it goes by many names, but essentially it is a targeted treatment that will repair your hair. To put it into perspective … a hair conditioner will smooth out your locks; treatments are the next level of repair with more active and nourishing ingredients.

Can a 5-minute mask really change things?
Yes, yes, it can. Our hair is naturally delicate, but then most of us go and put it through constant straightening and blow-drying. So, it's safe to say our hair is fragile and often needs some extra help to regain its health. Plus, a good hair treatment means healthy hair, which also means soft, glossy, well-behaved hair. What's not to love?

Introducing JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask
Exclusive to Just Cuts, our JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask is a tried and tested favourite because you can leave it in, and it absorbs almost immediately with no build-up. Your hair instantly feels softer and healthier, plus it provides UV protection as well!
The longer it's left in, the better it works - so feel free to leave it overnight! But it does need to be washed out.

JUSTICE Professional indulgent leave-in Treatment Mask
Step 1
Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water for 1 minute. Gently squeeze excess water from your hair.

Step 2
Use a wide tooth shower comb to comb your hair, starting from the ends and working up towards the roots.

Step 3
Apply a generous amount of JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask to your mid lengths and ends.

Step 4
Comb Treatment Mask through your hair using your wide tooth shower comb from ends to the root.

Step 5
Leave JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask in your hair for 5 minutes.

Step 6
After 5 minutes rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water for 1 minute.

And as always, **speak to one of our fully qualified Just Cuts Stylists who can help customise your hairstyle routine and products so you can **_ENJOY STRONG, VIBRANT & LUSH HAIR all year round.

Just Cuts

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