Tuggerah undertakes sensory friendly initiatives


Tuggerah undertakes sensory friendly initiatives

Westfield Tuggerah aims to create an inclusive environment for all customers and offer a shopping experience where all customers feel welcomed and valued.

Through our Quiet Hour initiative we look to make a difference to those who face the challenge of shopping in a high sensory environment. Sensory overload may occur when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over stimulation from the environment they are in. There are many environmental elements that may affect an individual who faces these sensory challenges. Some of these may include, however not limited to, are noise, crowding, lighting and explosive growth of information.

For many individuals, a simple trip to the shops can be difficult if faced with these challenges and may become overwhelmed with too much information inside a busy environment, such as a busy shopping centre.

During Quiet Hour, Westfield Tuggerah dims it's lighting and adjusts it's music alongside limiting some day to day activities during the hour to limit sensory over stimulaton. Many of our retailers participate by also dimming their lights, lowering their music and creating special offers just for Quiet Hour.

Alongside Quiet Hour, with thanks to Ability Links, Westfield Tuggerah now offers sensory headphone kits for hire. See our concierge team for hire information. Sensory headphone kits can also be hired from Event Cinemas and Coles.

Event Cinemas have also developed adult sensory screenings as part of their Quiet Hour offering.

Quiet Hour is an experience for all, join Westfield Tuggerah and participating retailers, for the next Quiet Hour.

Quiet Hour

Every Tuesday, 10:30am-11:30am

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