Taste.Shop.Play - Sutcliffe Meats BBQ classes


Taste.Shop.Play - Sutcliffe Meats BBQ classes

  • Sutcliffe Meats, Level 2 Sutcliffe Meats, opposite Coles. View Map

Spring is the time, and the revival is on. We're thinking classic lazy Saturday afternoons around the barbie with mates while the kids run through the sprinkler and you have a cold one in hand.

Sutcliffe Meats are hosting a BBQ demonstration as part of Taste.Shop.Play, teaching you how to get the most out of your meats at your next BBQ.

The team will show you how to prep the meats, give you ideas on how to best season your cuts and how to cook low and slow for the best possible outcomes.

You can then taste test the delicious meats on offer and be treated to special discounts in-store.

Dont miss this one, 11am and 1pm, Saturday 7 September.