Golden North: 16 years at Tea Tree Plaza


Golden North: 16 years at Tea Tree Plaza

Meet Alisson & Peter Marsland.

Together for the past 50 years, they share 3 beautiful children and 4 charismatic grandchildren. Married in 1973 Alisson and Peter lived in Modbury, with Westfield Tea Tree Plaza always being their local shopping centre.

Alisson and Peter bought their first store on level 2 in 2004 and another downstairs on level 1 in 2005. In 2015 they rebranded as Golden North.
Alison’s favourite thing about working at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza is without doubt the friendly customers, staff, cleaners, security and concierge – in her words, “you just feel part of the family”. Alisson describes Tea Tree Plaza a lovely, friendly and caring shopping centre to everyone and the environment.
“I love the way Westfield staff take particular care of our special regulars. They’re always concerned for them,” says Alison.

Every year is a milestone for Alisson and Peter. Over the years there has been many ups and downs, losing their son, having to rebrand, the global financial crisis and of course, covid-19. Despite all these challenges, somehow Alisson and Peter always bounce back! Alisson believed this is because of the dedication from their staff over the years. Just last year Alisson and Peter signed on for another 5 years so for all those hotdog fanatics out there don’t sweat it, Golden North is here to stay!

Alisson and Peter always get a kick out of the fact they now employ some of their toddler customers from years ago. The Marsland’s always strive to make sure they support local wherever possible.

Golden North are known for their unrivalled ice cream flavours, but you might not know they also offer dairy-free options. If you’re lactose intolerant you no longer have to miss out on half a Golden North hotdog and shake lunch deal. Alisson says everyday someone will tell her a story about growing up with their ice cream. Did you know Golden North have been selling their famous soft serves for just $2.50 each since 2015.

While Golden North may arguably sell some of the best ice-cream at Tea Tree Plaza it’s their hotdogs that are the number one best seller. Alisson believes this is because they are extremely customisable to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Alisson’s personal favourite toppings are bacon, onions and cheese.

Some would retire after running a successful business for over 16 years, but Alisson and Peter say they would hate not getting to come Westfield Tea Tree Plaza every day.

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