Bring out your inner stylist with 3 ways to layer your outfit


Bring out your inner stylist with 3 ways to layer your outfit

Dresses with vests and hats, skirts with knits and statement necklaces, pants with coats and scarves... some women seem to have layering down to a fine art! How many times have you walked past someone who has a perfectly pieced together outfit, and wonder how they do it?

Layering is super important leading into autumn and winter: obviously it keeps you nice and warm, but it also keeps things interesting and is great for those of us who get hot as soon as we step inside.

If you're a little more layering-challenged, no fear! We prepare you for the cooler months with an introduction to layering, complete with four highly-styled outfit ideas!

Maxi dress

Top 3 tips:

  • Layer a turtleneck or textured top under a sleeveless, low-cut maxi dress for added warmth and edge, or if it's a warmer winter where you are, option for a long sleeve maxi dress instead.
  • Maxi dresses and textured coats are the best of friends! Take the look one step further and mix your prints.
  • Wear a chunky boot - they are perfect layered under sheer fabrics!

Winter coat

Top 3 tips:

  • Add an extra layer for a more styled look! Multiple layers under your coat will always add to your outfit as well as being super practical for transeasonal weather.
  • Don't be afraid to play with lengths - a longline coat is equally fab over the top of a mini skirt or pair of winter shorts as it is with jeans.
  • Have fun with textures and colours! Don't shy away from adding fun elements to the classic wardrobe staple.

Work skirt

Top 3 tips:

  • Layer prints, colours and textures for instant interest.
  • Have fun with accessories. A layered look can be dressed up or down with your bag or shoes.
  • Contrasting styles give an ultra modern look. Pair a structured coat with a relaxed knit, or a fitted pencil skirt with a cropped tee.

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