Make glowy skin your best accessory


Make glowy skin your best accessory

Fresh, glowy skin skin is your best accessory, and if there’s a time to revamp your skincare routine and experiment with new products and treatments, it’s now, as you take on a brand new year.

Exfoliation and rejuvenation are critical during the warmer months, as makeup and sunscreen - coupled with sweat and prolonged sun exposure - can cake up pores and cause premature aging. Read on for our favourite tips and treatments to reveal your best-ever summer skin this season.


There are two options when it comes to exfoliating: physical and chemical exfoliants.

Physical exfoliants consists of mechanical methods of buffing away dirt and dead skin cells. They consist of scrubs, dry brushing and professional treatments like microdermabrasion. Body scrubs and dry brushing are not only great for revealing baby-smooth limbs, they may also assist with lymphatic drainage (perfect if you’re prone to water retention) and cellulite reduction. Treat yourself to a full body scrub and massage at Endota Spa or pop into Pricelinefor everything you need to get scrubbing at home.

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Whilst you may already be a super fan of microdermabrasion (which often uses a diamond-tipped instrument) thanks to its usefulness in reducing fine lines and acne scars, perhaps you’re yet to try its newer, gentler cousin. Particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types, hydrodermabrasion, otherwise known as hydrafacial, uses water and oxygen to exfoliate, regenerate and re-hydrate dull, tired skin, leaving you with a plump, glassy complexion. Try it for yourself at Endota Spa.

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The power of the peel

Peels refer to chemical exfoliants that can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. They are also a great way to nurture sun-damaged skin, by encouraging cellular renewal whilst brightening pigmentation. Chemical exfoliants can be found in at-home skincare products as well as professional treatments. The potency of a peel will depend on the ingredients; the two most common being AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids). AHAs are the gentler of the two and are water soluble. They include glycolic and lactic acid, perfect for freshening and smoothing out your skin tone and preventing early signs of aging. BHAs, like salicylic acid, are oil-soluble. They work deeper and are a heaven send for oily skin types to fight acne, blackheads and milia (little white bumps on the surface of the skin). Visit Priceline and chat to their staff about which products suit you and how best to incorporate them into your skincare regime. For a more intense treatment, book in at <insert retailer i.e. endota spa, Jurlique, Clear Skincare Acne, Skin + Laser Clinic, Ella Bache> and say hello to that glow.

Boost your skin’s collagen

Collagen is the main structural protein in your body and is also the secret to plump, youthful skin. As collagen production decreases with age, it’s no surprise why microneedling therapy has taken the world of beauty treatments by storm. Not for the faint hearted, this treatment uses tiny needles to create small perforations in the skin, stimulating the body’s healing response to encourage bouncy, new collagen-rich skin. Although this treatment is a little more invasive, devotees swear by the results! Keen to give microneedling a try? Speak to the friendly team at Silk Laser for more information.

You are what you eat, so a collagen supplement may also prove helpful in maintaining healthy skin. Visit Pricelinefor a great range for in store.

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Get rolling

Just as tradie needs his tools, so does every beauty guru. From a jade roller to gua sha, these beauty instruments are the best way to easily amp up your daily skin-nurturing activities. Simply layer on your toner, serum and moisturiser as you normally would, then gently massage your face and neck in upward strokes with your tool of choice. This will increase circulation, sculpt areas that are prone to puffiness and enhance the efficacy of your skincare products by aiding absorption. Hot tip: keep your jade roller and gua sha in the fridge for a refreshing mini facial in the mornings!

If microneedling isn’t for you but you're still intrigued, we recommend a derma roller, the at-home solution. Working in a similar way, it induces collagen production through the incision of tiny needles on the skin’s surface caused by gently rolling the tool over your face.

These pint-sized instruments are the perfect next investment in your skincare journey. Find yours at Priceline

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