Meet the team at Gamesworld Westfield Tea Tree Plaza


Meet the team at Gamesworld Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Games World Tea Tree Plaza was established in 1998 by Pat and Julie Johnson. Prior to starting Games World in South Australia, the pair ran a Wendy’s Supa Sundae store in Grafton. They had no experience with selling board games, so they knew they had a lot to learn! A business associate and friend, David Berkeley, assisted them in setting up the store. Julie remembers rushing out to buy gondola shelving for the store after David mentioned they might be useful. Before they had fixtures to display their stock on, they stacked games in big piles in the centre of the store – you could say, things have certainly changed a lot over the years at Games World.

Photo left to right: Dan and Pat

The store sells board games, jigsaw puzzles, and mind games. Also stocking a range of building kits – including UGears Wooden kits and DIY Miniature House models. Pat & Julie tell us their customers love their range model cars.

Games World has been a part of Tea Tree Plaza for 22 years – in two different shops. The original store was a lot smaller, situated at the bottom of the escalator nears Coles. Even though it was such a small location, it was a good challenge to merchandise. Pat & Julie built it up to be a successful store, and after many years, they needed to move to a bigger space. Having a bigger store presented different challenges, with the new space filling up quickly!

Pat loved the community at Tea Tree Plaza and says he always got on well with the other shop owners, Centre Management and staff. He has fond memories of the people that he’s met from that time, talking footy and having coffee with his neighbouring stores and customers. The Coffee Club staff always looked after Pat–coffee delivered to the shops front counter at 9am, followed by lunch at 11.30am.
It’s no surprise that Pat’s highlight of his career and business life at Games World, has been meeting and talking to people within the centre. He said he has watched customers grow up and start families of their own and said being a part of the community in this way has been a great experience.

Pat has fond memories of the Crows winning the Grand in 1998 while working in the original store – he remembers listening to the match on the radio and knew the Crows had gotten the lead when a great cheer went through the mall at Tea Tree Plaza.

Julie remembers Pat being interviewed by the Messenger in the 2000’s. They asked him what his favourite board game was, and he replied, ‘I don’t play board games, if I have spare time, I go fishing.’ Just for the record – now Pat has retired he has more time to play games – especially with his grandchildren. Pat’s favourite games are Itchy Feet – The Travel Card Game & Roll For It. Board Games are a big part of the family now, with the business being passed down to Pat and Julie’s children, Dan and Sarah. The pair continue the Games World tradition with their own flair. Pat and Julie are still a part of the business though, and still help out in the stores regularly.

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